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Portfolio of some of my lessons and student works.

  Here are some of the artworks my students did for Saturday art school at PSU. A collage of works made with plaster are on the wall. These are based on the artist  Daniel Arsham . This is the Lesson I made for this artist.  I had lessons based on  fidget spinners  creating kinetic works and we did pieces. Art lesson I created for this art project. I had students  art "bomb"  a ladder in honor of street art that puts art out in the public. Lesson I created for this project. Students created an art blanket which was composed of squares they made with crochet/finger crochet or weaving. We donated the blanket to  the Blanket project . This is the art lesson I created for this project. Here is a link to the lessons I used during student teaching:  art lessons I added some community photos of works I did with older students. These were painting classes I did with a basic idea where students could follow along and create their own interpretations. art in the community

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