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When the dogs attack: No fear

Walk at Canoe Creek

Protest in NYC

Tassel doll by Loosetooth

Lilacs in my yard

Infamous artists

Loot from Loosetooth!

Multi-post day

gas prices rising...

Art show...

Bet you'd never guess what I'm listening to

New goodies on Ebay!


Knit taggers

Whiplash Competition #2

Neil Young clip: Speaking Out

Rain Collage

Rain? Is it going to rain??

Pink blossoms


Blue Guinea Pig

New work in My Mama Sews!


Spring Egg

New Ebay Auctions are up!

Quote of the day:

Beautiful days, no rain and new words for thunderstorms

A Time to Protest

Illustration Friday: Speed

Diet coke and Mentos: The experiment

Quote of the Day:

Bear camera

Spring time!

Snow and cold...

Easter eggs

Beautiful Autumn...

Quote of the day:

Kitty fish

It started on Friday afternoon...