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Magic flute

art projects...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Still sick, waiting for the doctors to call and so on...

Mr. Won't-sit-still-for-a-pic

guinea pigs and miss blythe

riding the choo choo

A nibble of celery is good if I have to do this train stuff

Cat box video

Thanksgiving banner

throat aches

Lost glasses and feeling like Macgyver

fitful sleep

cooking has got me tired...

Trying to get things done...

pokemon monster

Art stuff

Beautiful yellow

practice makes perfect

you said, what?

Turkey making

One last thing...

wishing I could send our worries away on a cloud

Guinea pig Banner

blessing of the animals, group hug/tangle

Jon and Harrison

Busy Bee Industries

Noggin - Moose A. Moose "Falling for Fall" Autumn Song

Lavender Blue- Michael Jackson(RareSong).