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Bits and pieces of growing up

Ride Across the Sky

queen anne's lace

flower sniffing

cat wood carving

minun and Plusle for Katie

Cloud watching~

Earthquake in the afternoon and other stuff

my little pony


Art yard sales and feeling so, so

2nd Annual Art Yard Sale

2nd Annual Art Yard Sale

Art Yard Sale is on!


rice porridge sort of day

Folgers in your cup

why can't I just doze off?

Still sick/nightmares/Politics

3 wks till school!

feeling sick

What is an ACEO?

Feeling a bit down


creative fun...

Slide Show and new Guinea pig Stamps!

These days are going waaayy too fast

My little animal planet

Making a Hula Hoop Rug

Hope Dream Love


Lady bugs, hope and happiness signs

cat, vegetable garden and chicken

Pumpkin Carving

Abstract painting, "Rain"

Late afternoon sunshine

Up at 5am on a Saturday morn

Working out and feeling it

mom and me

bridge at the park

run, run as fast as you can

The gang

sheep under the stars

Primitives and Seed pods

My stars

Chattanooga Choo Choo - The Andrews Sisters w/onscreen lyrics