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Depapepe - Summer Parade

A happy tired and art classes to begin!

Just one of those days

Cat poo...

Walking in cold wind...

A bit sad...


Limits and new projects


an elf paper hat?

Art that I like...

Mama Cass Elliot:

Valentines Bat

Cold and Most Depressing day

A Love Monster


tea pot to be

Ah...a cup of coffee and I'm me again.

tea for two

at the children's museum

Darling, it's cold outside...

Busy day...

Winnie the pooh day

stop with the pictures already

Today is Winnie the pooh day


Starting to feel better.

"Emily, I"

Feeling a tad blue...

Sunrise; 7:30am 1/10/08

A time remembered

Sunrise; 7:30am 1/10/08

Local paper; printed my photo!

kiwi in line drawing


Quote of the Day:

I'm still de-trimming the house...

Busy weekend...

It's cold...

Feeling lots better and a red eyed bull

dolls by my mom!

Take That - Shine