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We Miss Southern California

dove on branch


One other thing (Ghost Whisperer)

Snowy day...

angel bichon

The petite hat

fluff on cats

The best news....

12:35 pm

Cold and burning eyes.

One of those days...

Day of the Dead Angel

Girl with snow

Fairy girl with hat

Trees against Jon

daddy's gal

Day of the Dead with the spirits

sketch of daddy feeding Lydia 2003

Pure softness kittes

Joan Baez and time

Unicorn of Spring

Mr. Nelson in b and w




collage to be pieces.


house collage

peace dove and olive branches

Illustration friday: Sprouts

New cancer treatment?

It's too cold...

feeling better...

Mice with flowers

bunny tracks

bunny tracks

early sun on snow

A Cockatiel a day keeps the blues away

orchid painting...

Portals Zine! Inspiration!

Portals Zine! Inspiration!

tier skirt

Guinea pig sweets