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Fireflies on a summer night

If only she would turn around...she'd see them all.

A-Ha Take On Me

Summer colds/fevers...

Quote of the day:

About 12:30am

Illustration Friday: Camouflage

Book secrets, revealed!

My Flag: The Earth and Sky

Summer Solstice, June 21st, as the evening sun fades...

places I've been


Finished my book!


Humidity is high...and the scent of Chickens.

The Fairy Queen

the dancers

The magic hat

feeling a bit better...

Thunder storms...

illustration friday: Suit

Busy like a bee...

Knowing your self

1st day of Kindergarten camp...

Cafe St. Drogo

Cafe St. Drogo

One of my favorite smaller pieces...

Self publishing...


Today's sunrise on the East coast

Holly hobby flower press (fleamarket find!)

Flower collage

Pressing flowers

Warm say...


Beautiful day today!


Peonies 2007

humidity is high