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nibbling an apple slice

New paintings on eBay

Donate to Unicef...

The Good Body by Eve Ensler

rainy day...

Humid...oh, it's humid...& doggie do's and doggie don'ts

Illustration Friday: Sorry

Girl with her teddybear

umbrella gal

Oh, I forgot!

What a day...

Stiff joints, aches and Superman

Strange day...

Quote of the day:

Fragile life is...

Lillies of the Valley

Lillies of the valley

Seldom Seen Mine

Baby robins

Illustration Friday: Angel House

Whipup:Whiplash "Yarn"

Happy Mother's day, Mom!

So passes the last of the Grand Gottshalls


I'm out of allergy medicine...

Illustration Friday: Fat

One more quote...

Another great quote:

Quote of the day

Newspaper headline

My shuddering, travel dreams...and Ebay

Bald Eagle cam

Pine trees

You will find what you are looking for