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Sick kiddos


get me out of here

weekend blur

package mailed!

Today is Ash Wednesday

Sun and snow and slippery streets

One World One Heart now closed and the winner is...

Who would have thought?

Wearing their heart shirts

Valentines loot from Jek Swap! :)

Dolls by my mom

Jon w/candy

Scottie for Harrison (by my mom)

made by my it!

valentine goodies from Grandma Shirley!

heart pin, we made in girl scouts

a little smile

get me out of here

having fun

she's annoyed

hearts and stencils

making valentine's day shirts

snow drifts

Snow day (daze)

Studio time

Happiness even with all the white stuff falling down

One World One Heart Give Away! :)

Forgot to mention...

I'm boring...

top hat I made...

finished this mini-art quilt

Valentine Tree

heart shaped nose

attack of the baby

piggie race, AJ won Cherry is dazed

School work.

sugar cube castle by miss lydia

heart garland

little top hats made of vintage paper/mache

mr. cool

New bags...

Sunny day!

Sleepy baby

Feeling a bit blue...