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boy with futuristic glasses

Raving Rabbids

Dog Therapy

My grandmother, aunts and cousins

Auntie Dimka

Yummy Turkey Soup

Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall (with lyrics)

Packed to the top Tuesday

Snow/rain, lunch time, baking a turkey...

Happy Earth Day!

My sis, brother, me and Strawberry (guinea pig)

Happy Heart


Just did some gardening

Time to say goodbye - Andrea Bocelli & Sara Brightman

The Goodbye Song for Children

Good-bye to my Aunt Dimka

got off on the wrong blog

the quiet rain

feeling a bit down

art by me...nap

wild wind

quiet Saturday

a poem about my Father and Mother

some cool art

rainy day tomorrow

Josh Groban - Awake [Live] (video)

Found a big basket full of eggs

Bird Nest, heart

The River of Dreams - Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch

Collage: Train driving through the hills of PA

Collage of Sunrise

Paul Robeson - Nearer my god to thee

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

fresh air

# 1612 "I'll Be A Big Noise"

Friday Funspiration: Sweet dolls

Best Easter Wishes...

spring makings

Egg Head Cascaron

talked to my Mom



Easter Bunny Dreams

Easter Bunny


Guard Your Heart

while the ocean sleeps