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Some wow's now!

My Mama sews badge!

HTML Dolls

Great day...and frustrating actions

Inspire me Thursday: monochromatic Art

Illo Friday: Monster

Myspace protest

On being a mama and strawberry jam

print making

Finished Lydia's birthday invitations

New Blog!!

Guinea Pig

New work by my mom and I!

A list of things about me

Snowflakes, lists, pollution and Challenge.

Quote of the day:

Ah, a new week and Illustration Friday

Sunday...windy, cold but the sun's out or was

Three years...

Saturday at last, cats, rats, dog, stuff I made and ebay!

Lydia's ramblings...Happy St. Patty's day!

6:36am I'm up

Driving around these parts

Solar tube dreams and a day

Red kitty

Red cranes in window

Cook those mushrooms!

10 pounds of mushrooms

Lydia's water color fish

Lydia with her work at the art show

New Artwork on eBay!

So cute!


Doing the work of who?

Rainy days, art and cartoons...

The fear of death and living

Deviations and sinus cleansing

Devonian Era: 350 million years ago