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Gray Monday...

Feeling stunned...which road to take

Interesting insights to the people in my area...


A tele-townhall

Quote of the Day

Dalai Lama

Feeling a bit tired...Flying Toast

Before the backing is done

An adventure...

Fantasy clouds and sky

It's only Monday and this week is so full...

The rain has come and the air cools to shades of blues

Rainy day...

Wow or whoa...

Is the thunder storm going to come already?

kitties under glass

Grandma made us matching headgear!

Oil pastel: a study

Oil pastel: study 2

Things that wow me locally...

Been pretty hot around these here parts...

Sunday Simmers

New Art at eBay!

Great Web site!

Late birthday present...

"Off the map"

Belief-o-matic, anyone?

Hot day and allergies...sewing lessons

Finding things...


5 am sunrise

My America, Our America

Don't wake mama!

Happy 4th of July~

Lots of new things on ebay!

The green chair