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Quote of the day:

The Power of a Kiss

Well, I'm excited!

Mama and child

Bunny gals

It's not snowing yet...


Quote of the day:

New Guinea pig Quilt!

Waiting for light.

It's early...

Guinea pigs in a tree

Gallery day...

Guinea pig with scarf!

Illustration Friday: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


Albert Michaels Gallery Art and Craft Show!

Thankful for:

collection of time


Artist inspiration of the week

Testing, testing...


At the Albert Michael's Gallery

Christmas swap

Shooting Stars!

Quote of the day:

Feeling like I've been struck by thunder

Not from the same batch but work good together

Rising early...

gloomy Sunday

Feeling a bit better...

Norrie's first sewing project!

Being sick is not fun

Wednesday Inspiration

Can it be?

My mom has been baking elves and ginger bread dolls!

New at my Cafepress store!

Three little kittens

View of the city behind the trees

In a leaf pile

I am not


Illustration Friday: Smoke

Thinking about Christmas...


Taking a peak on the bridge

what's that?


Wednesday Inspiration


Are you gonna fly South?

Now I can't hear out of both ears...

Happiness is friends...