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Birthday Day!


A Spoonful Of Sugar Sing Along

Inspiration in art

Puggle stare

Falafel dinner

feeling a bit better



Big foot with Little foot

parish picnic

water lilly

popcorn w/caramel

Happy sunny Sunday

rock paper scissors

Mom heading out

love with dots

Carving of a pumpkin

Angle wood carving


before mom left

Chores and then some...

If I Didn't Have You (Billy Crystal & John Goodman) - Monsters, Inc OST

from a flickr friend

In the moment...


Wick - The Secret Garden

slight drool and a dip in the lake

Swan at Canoe Creek

baker flowers and my gals

grandma M

mom and the gals

my family

sand play

jon and me

Stormy weather

These are the days


Love Song For A Vampire

Going to sound like everyone else...

2101 posts

The Great Escape

me and the gang

us in front of house

Happy Fourth of July!


just a little mint

my two dogs in the shade

Have a good 4th of July!

bells gap trail

My dogs are barking...

Old and Wise