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I will walk with you

Weekend rainy and muddling

Flat Stanley

Rise and Shine!

New work at my Etsy shop

"how to reach your potential

Jack Johnson- Good People

Blair County Arts Foundation Festival

Green and rain and lovely Spring (Frida Kahlo wood carving)

Poetry receiting

Betty Cat from flickr

wedding with heart

guinea pig with strawberries

L in the newspaper

Love you, Mom!

late and gardening


Happy Mother's Day!

swimming into Friday

some cute for Thursday

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Whistle while you work

Thankful Guinea pigs

Stronger | Seattle Childrens Hospital

Wizard of Oz


The Tiger's Gift

dog washing and general crazy cleaning

Stevie Wonder- You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Have a good day and a cupcake! :)