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My mom made a new banner for Norrie...

Little things...

Lots of new work on eBay!

more flower birthday fairies...

4 year old birthday celebration

4 year old birthday celebration


In a rain storm

abstract and landscape

Charlie Chaplin...

A new face in the family

Mr. Nelson

Positive energy...

The gals and I

I'm in the paper!

Morning light on Queen Anne's Lace

Albert Michaels Gallery~Altoona, PA

Albert Michaels Gallery~Altoona, PA


clouds. . .

Keith Field, Altoona, PA

Take That!

Interview with a Rat

As I said, a rollercoaster day...

The Good and The Bad

Family poems

The Contest is on!

Just for me

New work on eBay!

Angels for Brianna ends tomorrow!



todays sunset

Lake Erie

mama and auntie

Lake erie skies

Being home...

Dancing in the Ohio's...

Heal the world with song

Vote for me at Pandora!

New work on eBay!