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Gorgeous Day!

New Monday!

New work on Ebay!

I don't like catty people.

Techno Stupidity

I got an allergy headache...

My Pet Peeves

5:30 am


Earth tree

Intelligence not linked to wealth

say cheese!


Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello

Sittin in the grass

Good Checkup at Allergist!


Chronicles of Narnia

Ads vs. Reality

Volunteered at the local art gallery today...

New Cards at Cafepress!

Going for a ride...

One Day Hat: How to

Thought I'd share...

a little jam session

piano dreams

witch cutie


Sweet dreams paper doll

Letter to editor

One of the best things I've heard in a while...

Homage to Vonnegut

Mint tea, again

Fairys at night

And this is why you need to have labor unions...

Can we really help?

Gray today


birthday gal


4am:Met with the Easter Bunny

snoozing fairy

Things that I love

Mama and baby on a Spring walk.


Pandas for Peace

The Teapot and the Fairy Mouse

Busy day...

Though the world was weary on her shoulders,

Feeling a bit better...


Beads in her hair

What's that buzzing?

Rainy day Sunday