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New work on eBay!

The Good, The Bad and the darn pretty day...

Isn't he a cutie?!

I feel spoiled...

New Abstract Art Website~

Quote of the day:


Half an hour...

Pancake Art Group

Good radio on-line...

Rain drops

I'm not complaining but...

Cockatiel pancake

Fish pancake

I.F. Rain

Rabbit wood carving...

New work on Ebay!

When they were babies

Teen roosters...

My roosters

Two cats, one ball of yarn

Working on collages part 2

Working on collages...

Early morning sunrise


squirrel with tree

Illustration Friday: Dance

Thunder and lighting very very frightening me!

Blog exchange

Being called Martha Stewart...

Quilt again...

The lovely Geranium

Does anyone want a little Bichon?

Finished Quilt!

Something I've been working on

Little Scotties!

Fairytale ATC

orange kitty

Strange day...

Princess guinea pig