Hello, everyone

 It's March and it's nearly spring. I was looking at my calendar and was amazed to see how close we are to May. For some reason, that's the month that I associate with full on Spring. Of course, spring starts March 18th and the 14th is daylight savings (good bye, extra hour of sleep). So, a lot is happening in March. I was outside and the sun peaked out from behind some clouds and it was actually pretty nice for about 2 min. Then, it was cold again. At our home, we're in the muddy part of the month, after just a few days of rain. We had a lot of snow but the rain has taken that down to just a few patches here and there. I feel sort of in a daze as I wasn't feeling too well the whole time we had 2 days of rain. Sinus issues. I'm about 60% sure it was this or a combo of gluten reaction. I have to just assume all take out has gluten, sadly. 

Anyway, I thought I'd update about the weather at least. I've finally felt like doing a little artwork after feeling down about all the things that have happened. It feels like a blur. I still can't believe it's 1 year since we went in the first major lockdown (March 13th). I feel sad this has happened, so many have been lost and so many sick. My uncle passed from covid related issues about 2 weeks ago. So, it's a strange sad feeling. I'm still processing it, though, I did cry. My uncle was a very devout man and I know he's in heaven with my dad and their family. 

I just hope people are safe and keep doing safe practices. And my bigger hope is we work harder to help one another and make life better for so many. 

I'm so glad we made it through winter and spring is starting to warm things up (if a little up and down). This is why I posted the video on Martenitsa's. The tradition is to make a red and white yarn girl and boy or a bracelet and give it to someone you love or care for. They wear it till the first blossom or stork is seen. I just let people wear it and put it on a fruit tree or tree you want to see flourish. Either way, it's a sweet tradition. I made one for each of my family members and one for the door knob. 


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