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 Hello! Here's an digital piece I created last year. It's on my red bubble site.  I was reading a blog, Attic24, and didn't realize there was a challenge about posting for every day in October (or any month, really, up to you, the writer). That seemed a little appealing, especially since I didn't do my yearly inktober. I actually started to do inktober but fizzed out after I thought of inking my pencil work. I also was going to do witchtober as well but fizzed on this too. I felt overwhelmed as I'm trying to finish a children's book I started last year and wanted it done by the end of October. It's not likely as I got swamped with helping my son focus on schooling at home because of covid and I was stressed about finding teaching positions that were virtual (as in the demand has gone way up for virtual work, obviously). 

A part of me wants to complain about how things are, but I think there is enough of that right now. But we shall see what happens next week with elections. There is a lot of turmoil in our country right now and many people are suffering (for no reason, in my book. It's a shame and it's making people so much more vulnerable because a few people at the top, don't want to share). So, I guess I did complain a little. Honestly, there needs to be more complaints in the form of unity and protests for basic aid and medical care during covid. When we unite, we can accomplish so much more. 

Today it's raining and drizzly, again. I need to go for outside walks but have limited this due to my allergies and the previously dry weather (leaves, apparently, cause inflammation to my lungs). However, now that it's raining, I should be able to do this more so. Why do I sound like an Addams family member? Maybe that's the underlying message of the story of misfits? 

We had a scare with our chickens. One of these girls got a messy bottom. My daughter thought possible infection or sitting on her nest for eggs (chickens will do this and not even eat if they are broody). So, she's been giving her yogurt and they love it. She might need a little epsom bath, but the idea of bringing her in the house, sounds awful. We will, if the weather doesn't warm up/condition doesn't improve. She's looking better, so that's a relief. It's always a learning experience with chickens. We're planning to winterize the coop, so they will be cozy all winter. 

Hope you have a good week. Stay safe, wash your hands and wear those masks. 


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