Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A cheerful totoro-ish friend...

100_7068, originally uploaded by emily999.

I made this for the bazaar but this little one is still with me. I'll put him on my Etsy shop soon.

I'm kind of glad to still have him...I need all the cheering up as I have two ear infections. It's VERY painful and I finally got a doctor who addressed all the probs/right drugs/treatment. I woke up at 3 am in utter pain and I will always feel much more sympathy to a child who has this.

My problem is based in allergies and I'm looking into getting tubes in my ears. I hope this helps the ringing/pain and deafness. Wish me luck!

Otherwise, we got the rental car for Jon's accident (very cute, actually and of course I know I'll fall in love with it and wish we could get one...
I don't recall the name but has a classic 1940's look to it. PT Cruiser, Jon just told me. VERY cute!

I had to cancel the art class as well as I was in too much pain to do much of anything. I think my ear drum burst as well. I'm not having a good time, really.

Anyway, all in all I only had two out bursts (pain related) but have since apologized. If I swallow too hard or hiccup, my ears feel quite a bit of pain almost like being hit or having one's ears boxed (old term used to hit servants in the ears...awful). At least I know my ears aren't going to fall off. Also, the medicine is kicking in...phew! It's awful to feel this way as your whole ear is tender and sore.

Otherwise, I could feel myself return to a balance instead of wanting to roll up into a ball and cry. I hate being sick and I hope more people will be kinder to each other just incase someone is ill. You never know...

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm going to be venting here

so, excuse me.

As I mentioned sometime last week Jon's car got scrunched while he was waiting to pick up a carpool person. He was just sitting in the car with the other carpool people and next thing he knows a bus backs up into his car. Now, he's dependant on the kindness of strangers and family. Very annoying. He came home 45 minutes late, I'm sick, just want to lay down and either sleep or read.

I actually was going to vent more but Jon got home and I vented to him and feel better. So, this is a half a vent, I guess. I'm planning on getting a part-time job in the evenings at this art store (hopefully). I thought it might be a good way of getting some extra income and a % off art supplies. We shall see.

Some strange, though not to big city folk, news. We're going to be getting, not one, but two Starbucks in the area. A lot of people will be thinking, so what? Over priced coffee, big deal. However, we've never had a Starbucks in the area...and there is going to be a big new market as well. It's going to be a mega-Martins (the supermarket name). Hopefully, it will be as nice as Wegmans (but I doubt it). Still, it's a good thing for the area and I look forward to seeing it. A lot of stuff is changing and it's not all bad. It's about time and I'm glad to see new things coming in. Plus, most of these changes will be in the city of Altoona which means the city will be better off. I'm glad to see things going up, for once.

A little side note about a section of town that looked really crummy. Apparently, there was this bridge that was too low to allow trucks access. So, the city lowered the street by four inches under the bridge and it took all this time, etc. However, this part of town looked really run-down and now there are sidewalks, new road and it looks kind of good. Funny how a little thing like an up-to-date side walk makes a difference, but it does.

I have an art lesson tomorrow and I cancelled an appointment after that, as I feel tired just thinking about it. I have another appointment on Thursday and then a tutor lesson on Friday. Lots to do as well as my other things.

Honestly, I'm starting to appreciate that Halloween is over for this small town. I don't have to worry about everything but it does kind of stink because there is a bunch of Halloween related stuff on TV.

This is a little painting I did from a monster series I've started. The first was Envy. The second is Fear.

Squirrel with treat

Squirrel with treat, originally uploaded by emily999.

Can be bought at: my ebay shop

I'm glad we're friends

I'm glad we're friends, originally uploaded by emily999.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger is acting odd...

but I'll try posting anyway.

Feeling a bit better now that I've rested. I did some cleaning and shouting and got the kids to paint a bit. I cleared the back porch of potentially dangerous items which could fly around and hit someone if there is a strong wind. So, that's a relief. Next, I'll be attacking the basement and organizing, throwing out/recycling things from there.

All in all a good feeling, really. Plus, I want to start on some new quilts and photograph some of the sweet stuffies I made and list them on Etsy.

I'm feeling much better since this morning and yesterday. Being grumpy from illness/stress is not productive. Resting a bit, taking your medicine and reading a book helps quite a bit. Now, I have to clean out the rats cage and possibly the mud room. Life is feeling better. : )

Oh, there was a funny incident yesterday. I had Jon make dinner last night (helped him salt a chicken and add rosemary). He was totally responsible for a mushroom soup. I told him to brown onions and a few garlic cloves (diced) in a pot with some oil. Add chopped mushrooms, maybe a potato or two and some milk/flour. About an hour and half later, he comes and says dinner is ready. I said how's the soup (everything smelt really good) and he said he had it in a pan. I was kind of surprised and he said it was as stew. I said, oh...well, maybe you could put it in a pot and add water to make a soup. He went and did that and we came down to eat. I see the big pot is full of this grayish colored paste. I was surprised and then I tasted it. I had a VERY GARLIC taste and the vegetables weren't cooked all the way through. I looked on the counter and saw the left over papery curls of an entire bulb of garlic. I asked Jon how much garlic did he use and he said just two. I know he meant bulbs but I said, bulbs or cloves? He looked a little surprised and muttered a couple of cloves...1 bulb? I looked at him again...1.5 bulbs, he said. So, after adding a lot of water, chicken, broccoli and more water, I could reduce the overpowering amount of garlic. Poor guy, he looked so disappointed and tried to eat his soup like there was nothing wrong. I guess this is the way is it when one spouse does most of the cooking. lol...

Bazaar insights

The good part of working at a bazaar was knowing the profits were going to help a nice church in the area. These are rather beautiful buildings and have a certain look about them that is very Eastern. I may have to take a walk and do some pics of the area as well (once I feel up to it, that is and it's not a hurricane outside!).

Karen Special, Albert Michael's gallery owner.

I've got a sore throat and I just realized it's the time change...and I'm up at 6 am. Will this last? Doubtful. Plus, I pulled Jon out of bed on a Sunday...he's kindly washing dishes. He just snuck back to bed...don't blame him in the least.

I'm putting up some pics of the bazaar...wish I had at least sold one thing. But it's a learning experience. I've never done this before and now I know what to do and what not to do. I will use a cart (for some reason, lots of people don't, but I think this would be a good idea), decorations, maybe have some food, heater and some practical items to sell like scarves.

I also will have more signs saying all my things are handmade originals. I think that the few people who came out in this horrible weather where the bargin hunters, unfortunately. But you live and learn...Plus, next time I'm going to make my display look really good and have a lot of shiny things...apparently, this is hot too.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Time to clean up our house!


was a bust. Weather seemed to have made it very hard for people to travel and I ended up not selling a thing. I did make a few contacts, handed out my cards and sat painting most of the time. So, not too bad just feel a bit down. I'm mostly down because I'm feeling sick...throat hurts and headache. Had Jon go out and get me something called Zicam and you know what? It works and really good too! I have to thank Karen for recommending me this. Also, Zicam is a homeopathic swab that seems to have some sort of numbing effect. It's very odd but feels very good on contact.

Anyway, there is supposed to be another bazaar in about two weeks...maybe I'll try it if I have enough holiday themed things up. But I may just focus on other things in the meantime. I have a few contact letters I need to get busy on...

I'll show some pics of the bazaar...I learned a lot about the Episcopal Church (where it was held) and got to meet a lot of the people who work with the city. Very nice atmosphere, actually.

Otherwise, I think I'll take a nap and rest. I have to say it was nice to just sit and paint though it was cold as heck in the hall. Everyone was complaining and I could see why. Oh, well...you live and learn.

Friday, October 27, 2006

In between...

the need to write a bit of poetry I have been scrambling to get things together for my first bazaar tomorrow. I hope everything goes well and there are a few people and I sell a few things. I finished up 10 stuffies and am contemplating bringing in some of the soft sculpture birds I made...I don't really want to sell them, so I'll put them at a higher price. I don't know if I'll show these as they are kind of personal to me...don't know why.

Anyway, I also made some dog rope pulls, going through a few mini quilts that I'll bring (three plain and three decorated) and of course my ACEO paintings. I also may be doing a demo (most likely) and I'll bring my Sumi Ink as well. Hope it's not to wet either. Plus, I have to be there at 7 am, or there-abouts and set up. But the event starts at 8 am, so that's not too absurd.

Otherwise, I'm trying to finish up a small batch of cards and thinking of composing a small article on an art form. :) Oh, and I have a vague and uncertain feeling in my throat such as a cold would most likely be forming. Darn. I just hope I don't get conjunctivitis like the girls had or an ear infection like Norrie. Poor gals. But they've been properly spoiled and tended too, so they're fine.

I'm anxious about the Postcard swap as well. I wonder if more than one person has gotten their set. Maybe I should have insured all the pieces...well, it's up to the mail gods to see what happens.


I wrote a poem tonight and submitted it to one of my favorite sites, poetsagainstthewar.org I wrote one about hope and seeing the future in the eyes of our children. I may share it here later on...

I decided to see if any records of previous poems had been archived of mine and found a few. I was saddened to see the time line. I wrote one dating 11/03. In a few months, it's going to be nearly four years since then and we are still in a war with no end. I thought the piece I wrote held even greater meaning for my self. I share this one now:

Leaving Oz

How do we leave the land of Oz?
We were blown here swift and hard
That tornado shook us to the bone
We blew into a world not our own

There’s no place like home, as Dorothy says
There’s no place like home and no red shoed clicks
We’re left in this dusty dry patch of earth with sticks
And dead munchkins are everywhere

How do we leave this place and bring back our girls and boys?
There are craters and scars, a pockmarked face.
But oh boy, the witch is caught, the witch is dead.
And yet, the world is not safe; it’s filled with dread.

We got him. And yet, who have we got?
A weak tired man.
The wizard never was.
And still, we ask how do we leave the land of Oz?

No, this is not a land somewhere over the rainbow.
This is not a dream.
This is blood and boots and dust and
The haunting of cries and screams

There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home
Where is home for those we leave behind?

We don’t see the coffins flying home.
We don’t see the WMD’s
We don’t see
We don’t see

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday Inspiration

I should really call this forever more Thursday Inspiration but as it is, I'm just going to play along with the Wednesday thing. This week's inspiration is Lea Turto. She is an environmental artist in Central Finland. I stumbled upon her work during a search for mushrooms in art. This piece was created with clay shaped to look like stones and then covered with a mosaic of randomly broken or shaped ceramic pieces.

I love her concept of using natural items/settings and creating new shapes and visual designs in and with nature. And of course, almost anything with mushrooms in art is quite perfect to me. I'm so enamored with the stone mushroom sculptures, I'm thinking of trying something like this myself. I hope you'll find inspiration from Turto's work in nature and with art.

Trick or Treat and all that jazz

Well, we had our trick or treat night. The girls were:

mushrooms! Yes, they were fly catcher mushrooms! With their bright pink jackets they turned into the rare Fly catcher/red bolete mushroom...highly poisonous but very sweet looking.

We started off rather rocky as I was a bit in a tizzy because I had all the house work to do and their costumes and earlier, the doctors appointment. But all in all, it was all right until 5:30 pm. That's when I got a call from Jon and he was in a car accident...apparently a city bus backed up into his car and scrunched it. After insurance was exchanged, Jon was able to drive the car back a little ways but then it pooped out and they had to hitch rides home (he carpools). So, that was annoying and worrying. Sigh...A rather depleted feeling for trick or treat as I was worried. Jon's folks/sis came over and took the gals out and I manned the fort. Jon arrived about 40 minutes later and I was glad to finally have him home. What a day. If it's not one thing, it's the other.

So, after stuffing my self with candy and baked pumpkin seeds all calmed down. It was cute to learn that even Mr. Nelson got a treat for Halloween when he went out with the gang. I was going to have him dressed up as a cowboy but with everything happening, I just didn't have the time. But there is next year and in between next year.

I must say, I did a pretty decent job of carving the pumpkin this time too and that made me feel a little better. Plus, I didn't get any pumpkin skin under my nails (very painful) either.

I had plans this year but they seemed to fizzle with all the stressfulness of life sometimes throws at you. I'm just grateful everything has calmed down and the kids had bags of our neighborhoods candy to nibble upon. It's funny. Our local mall had trick or treating but Jon was adamant about not going. He knows the reason for trick or treating...saying hi to neighbors and doing the community thing. I don't plan on going back to that mall if I ever have to. shudder...

Anyway, all in all a pretty good time. And our political signs didn't scare anyone off either. I have to mention something about that too. When I first put them up, about a month ago, within the first 3 days someone tore them out of the ground (and I put them in there rather deeply). I was so shocked and scared, I couldn't believe it. These are on our property, not on the sidewalk or curb. Someone actually went to the trouble of climbing up our hill and pulling them out to the sound of dogs barking (because our neighbors dogs barked and so did ours). It was more annoying as this happened during the last election with Kerry/Bush. It's rather upsetting to say the least. The first time, I just thought it was teens (I know, my prejudice). But since then, I'm starting to wonder. I was also badgered the other day by a radical type person who didn't approve of my bumper stickers. This has never happened since I moved here (and didn't before I moved). So, I was shocked about that too (happened about four days ago). Some people are just crazy or near being crazy.

Anyway, glad I got that out. I admit I've been editing myself lately...just feeling kind of surprised at people, I suppose. But as it is, now I feel better about typing this out. Sometimes, you just have to write or talk about your feelings.

Life in these small towns...

Well, as things go today is a much calmer day considering I was nervous about a check up for my littlest gal. She has this lump and I was worried it could be a cyst but as it turns out, it was a lymph node swelling. Thank the stars. So, I'm feeling much better. Oddly, I looked up info about lumps on necks and instead of making me panic, I felt a lot better with this info. Almost like I knew the worst and what actions to take, etc. I felt better knowing, instead of not knowing.

So, we found out Norrie has an ear infection as well as her eyes. Poor kiddo. She's on her antibiotics and seems to have perked up now that her eyes are all gooey. I'm relived too.

Yesterday was a different sort of day...it just seemed like I was not going to have much time but to do the basics. Got my allergy shot, cleaned/mopped up Mr. Nelson poop, worried about Norrie, worked on Halloween costumes, dropped over at Target for some sweats (which are much too small but at least I can wear the pants around the house) and got ready for a 50th anniversary dinner at Jon's work. I have to say it was much nicer than his previous job (let's just say that was started with a prayer and tended to down play a lot of earnings to keep the underpaid backbone in place as usual).

Anyway, the dinner was nice (though I felt like going to sleep several times…I was so tired) and it was interesting to see all the faces of Jon's co-workers and people who came out for the 50th celebration. I just hope I wasn’t too much of a zombie… It wasn't too bad as such things go...I had visions of lecture halls and what nots, so this was a welcome surprise to have a few speeches and mostly eating. Hey, you can't go wrong with eating! :) Though I wish they would have served caffeinated coffee…

The reception was very nice in a beautiful setting and you could tell there was a lot of thought involved. Even the pianist seemed just right. Of course, I felt a bit awkward in the sense of being a guest...usually, I'm the one with the camera but all in all it was a very comfortable evening. And it was very well attended which makes it fun and a bit hard to move around but I guess that's actually a nice thing.

I would have liked to know who some of the guests where as there where quite a few authors but it was interesting to try and guess while nibbling on various h'orderves. We had to leave a bit earlier as it takes us an hour to get there, so that was a bit deflating but otherwise, I had a good time.

Now, I'm scurrying around trying to get the gals costumes ready. Maybe we'll only take Lydia out as it is cold and Norrie is a bit ill. We'll see what happens. Pics to follow of the kiddos in their costumes.

I mentioned about the bazaar on Saturday but I have to have most of the goods ready by 2 pm tomorrow. So, I'm trying to get things together. Hopefully, I'll have a few things sold by Saturday afternoon.

Otherwise, most stuff should be calming down by next week...there are a few doc appointments and then I have to schedule a hearing test for me in State College for sometime in November. And I have an art class on Tuesday. It never ends which is a good thing...

I must say it was very interesting to see behind the scenes of book publishing...even if it's at the dinner. It's a lot of work, actually and involves so many people. I was admiring various books and one was about Maurice Sendak (Jon mentioned he’d try to get me a copy) and other illustrators. So, that was cool…

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's cold.

It's not supposed to be this cold, however. Snowflakes, freezing wind and a strange, though visually pretty, view of green and bare trees. Some trees have changed colors while others are still rather green and either in denial or just shocked at the odd weather. All I know is a thin little hooded sweatshirt is not going to be warm enough. I've pulled out my, down to my ankles, snow coat and have been wearing that. I don't care if people give me odd looks...yes, I am tall and look rather striking in all my puffy glory. I don't care, I'm warm while the rest of you Easterner's shiver in shorts. Well, I haven't seen anyone but the mail carrier wearing shorts and he was walking might fast, let me tell you!

In other news, I did a demo at the October Fest at the local art gallery. Pics will be coming forth with...but I didn't get any of me (which I really should have but was feeling rather self conscious). Anyway, it was a low turn out but I guess there was a football game in competition...people are bit bonkers about football around here. I guess I should be too but I'm not really into that, unfortunately.

This weekend is a rather cool even at the St Luke's
Episcopal church on 806 13th St Altoona, PA. Going to have a Bazaar and I have a small spot to fill!! This is my first time ever doing this, so I'm pretty excited. I have only 2 days to get things together but I have a lot of ideas. I'm going to have a basket of softies (I have about five that need finishing touches), my art cards, framed work and maybe a few of my little wreaths. I want to get on the mailing list for next year...this looks like a nice community thing to do too.

We've got some doctors appointments to go to tomorrow but I'm hoping things will be all right. More later...

Oh, and then there's trick or treat...costumes coming soon. Yikes. Got to get busy. Also, looks like the potential client didn't come through...oh, well...try, try and try again as the saying goes.

Otherwise, I've been working on paper quilts and other projects. Feeling good about this and trying to organize the basement, bit by bit.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Day of the Dead exchange

Day of the Dead exchange, originally uploaded by emily999.

After much sweat and tears (well, no tears but close to them...having a 3 and 4 year old will do that to you), I got the Day of the Dead swap mailed out! I stayed up till 2 am last night, stuffing, stamping and sealing envelops. I felt a little like an elf in Santa's workshop...or rather Jack Skeleton's Nightmare Before Christmas shop...Let me just say, I love, love, love all the work.

I am also lucky as I got to do first pick on what I liked best. I must say it was fun getting 12 packages in the mail...hehehe (a secret feeling of wishing I'd get mail as a kid is fully satisfied). And I liked mailing them too...

I want to frame everyone's piece or put it together with my other pieces from other swaps. I will have to have a seperate post on the work...

Anyway, this pic is of my intrepretation of Day of the Dead. I hope people like them as well.

I'm also grateful that blogger is up again, the gals are tired of Sesame Street video games and I can write this (though I'm not spell checking...yikes) post.

I have lots of other things I want to write about but they will have to wait. This week I'm off tutoring but it seems like I have more stuff than usual to do...doctors appointments, Halloween (trick or treat....we do it early...I really don't know why, however), a dinner at Jon's work, I've got two illustrations to send to a potential client and I have to finish a illo for a great kid's on-line mag, dragonflyspirit.com.

So, all in all a busy week. Plus, it started snowing today! I'm a little amazed and grateful that my mom-in-law got the gals their winter coats. It's cold out there! Now, I'll have to look for attachable non-slips for my shoes as I've been loving our walks on various trails and am not going to give them up because of the weather.

I have to write about our recent find of turkey tails and the wreaths I've been making using a few of them. Oh, and I have to finish the gals costumes...if it's not snowing we'll go out. Otherwise, we'll stay in and watch Nightmare before Christmas, eat popcorn and dance to Monster Mash.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Guinea pig Quilt

close up, originally uploaded by emily999.

This one sold! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good grief, I'm late!

Oh, this implies many, many things...but I will forth with refer to the white Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. I, again, forgot my Wednesday inspiration but at least it's still Thursday...Anyway, on to my pick.

This week I thought of Peggy McDowell's work. She does a variety of pieces from trapunto pieces to ACEO collages to prints. Her work appeals to me in the frankness and humor of how women and esp. mom's feel they have to be 110% perfect. I love the irony in her pieces and esp. like "Instant Mom".

How many times have I felt like this? You either are A. supposed to have all the innate knowledge of what a mother is supposed to be, B. Be a mom for everyone or C. Live up to ideals nobody has ever been able to live up to. Instant mom is a perfect example of the cookie cutter mentality towards women and what role they are supposed to play in life.

I also like the Moaning Mona based on Leonardo Di Vinci's "Mona Lisa". New evidence shows the Mona Lisa was a painting of a pregnant woman, hence her smile of things to come. McDowell shows us a Modern day Mona and how women are forced to play many different roles and are often smothered with domestic expectation. It takes on an even edgier look with the knowledge that the Great Mona is also pregnant and still trying to find time to balance a chaotic life and curl her hair. Love that humor! :)

So, I pick Peggy McDowell as the artist of the week. I hope you'll take a look at her on-line gallery!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dreary, rainy day...

It's a gray day but at least there is rain to make up for a hidden sun. I don't like it when there is a gray day with nothing...rain or snow. I'd prefer something than nothing. I guess it reminds me all too much of S. California when we had all these gray days that looked like it was going to rain and never did. Very annoying. But here in PA, we're definitely getting rain. Very refreshing.

Also, I'm now competing for the computer. The gals have discovered (I think I may have mentioned before) My little pony and such things. It's nice but then again...

We've been drawing pics of monsters lately...the gals, that is. And me been busy sewing, painting and whatnot. Lots of whatnot (house stuff, I suppose).

Hope everyone has a good day and even if it is rainy, snowy, sunny or gray enjoy one small part of it for your self and others.

And lastly, I give you a poem for the day:

Five Precepts On Happiness


Though your friends and family
will likely try
to save you from it,
yours is nobody else’s
business or responsibility.


You cannot cause,
manufacture or manipulate it.
It comes, if at all,
as gift to be received
with gratitude.


Hope to receive it
and prepare by giving away
what you least want to lose.
On this point
Jesus and Buddha dance.


Refuse to carry the burden
of maintaining it.
That’s unnecessary baggage,
will betroth you
to a boulder and a hill.


If you receive some,
scatter it like seed.
Sharing assures preservation.
As with manna,
held tight, it rots.

-- Bonnie Thurston

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Road leaving Shaver's Creek...

road, originally uploaded by emily999.

Had a really nice day yesterday. Lydia was feeling really ill the day before and we weren't sure we'd go anywhere but the next day was all right. We did a program at the environmental center at Shaver's creek and the girls were pretty good. They were getting a bit tired as we had to make at least four bathroom trips. On the last one, Lydia fell and slid down pine needles. It was rather scary but she seemed all right except for her hands. However, later that night she got an eye infection with swelling/puss, the works. It's better today. Poor kid. I guess it's called conjunctivitis.

We had a good time otherwise and went for a drive admiring the leaves...just everything is beautiful. We didn't get any snow and that was a good thing too. But it was cold.

Now, I'm home...haven't even left the house...just working on my projects...I think I came up a few good things, actually. Plus, I'm finishing up my Day of the Dead postcard swap and trying to finish my long list of people I want to make things for...I'm so lack sometimes.

One example is I've been watching the movie "It happened one night". It's taken me four days to see this. I've watched it in little bursts here and there. Finally, I got to see the whole thing and of course, it's so perfect and wonderful. Now I've got a crush on Clark Gable...What dimples!

Might have to pull out Gone with the Wind and watch that next...wish I had that on DVD as the girls hog the TV. Well, actually they're hogging the PC as they've discovered My little pony & Littlest pet shop sites with card matching games/coloring book stuff. They amaze me.

I'm listening to various music from Pandora...right now there is a medley by Jackson Browne "The Birds of St. Mark". Quite beautiful if not a bit depressing (my choice for music station was Rufus Wainwright...so, go figure).

Anyway, the gals are at the grandparents indulging on Pokemon, we're painting and planning on going out for dinner. Or at least I think Jon's painting Lyd's room...most likely taking a nap. All this cold air seems to sap you of energy...

I hope everyone is well and having a good weekend...peace to all.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wednesday Inspiration (yes, it is Thursday...)

A little late but at least it's not 3 weeks from now! lol! I was meandering through my rather large list of favorites...I'm not kidding you when I say there must be about 200 on my favorite artists list, about another 250 on my fave blugs (I did a typo when I typed that in but kept it as my heading...kind of liked the sound of it)and probably even more on arts and crafts section. I am really impressed with a lot of work out there, as well as inspired and touched.

This week's inspiration was from Turtle Moon Studios. Some of the things I look for in work for my Wednesday pick are social consciousness (sense of the world in their work), progressive feel and just makes me feel "oh, how wonderful!". The folks at Turtle Moon really encompass this for me. Susan Shie creates magnificent, gorgeous quilts. These are free form and quite amazing.
One quilt she created based on a power outage that lasted four days and is filled with all sorts of insight and commentaries. Love this. Shie's work has beautiful, intricate detail and is fun and bright. I also love that most of her pricing is based on $4 per square inch. I may have to save up and get one of her pieces. :)

She had a workshop in June and this looks just like so much fun! It's in Wooster, Ohio! (Okay, I got a bit excited as that's not very far from me!!)

Anyway, I hope this inspires you as much as it has inspired me. I feel a need to try creating a blessing quilt based on my rats, cats, bird and dog. And another based on the kids and dh. It's so nice when you find something good in this life...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lady bug mama

Lady bug mama, originally uploaded by emily999.

Up at my ebay store:

  • My paintings

  • Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Rose tasting cat...

    tastroscat1006, originally uploaded by emily999.

    Up on eBay now: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZnutkinsQ2dnest

    Little Owl Quilt

    owlquilt2a, originally uploaded by emily999.

    A miniature, I suppose of a quilt. It's 3 by 4 inches and is of an owl...will be up on my eBay shop later tonight! : )


    Feeling better. Had a bit of a migraine attack yesterday. I guess I'm still not over allergies and was crunching around in leaves and driving off to find the perfect sunset with the gals (found a few good ones too!). Still, by 8 pm I could barely even lift the Harry Potter book I'm working on and had Jon take charge of all house duties/kids. Thank the stars...And I slept for 11 hours! I can't believe it but I did. I was really feeling sick, though so it was a relief.

    Had some kids over today for art lessons and all went relatively well until Lydia began to bite Norrie. So, that was a bit shocking to see. Why? Because Norrie wanted to help line up the green tomatoes we picked yesterday. Oh, sharing. It's one of the things we're working on. Plus, they had the grumps from eating a late breakfast.

    In the mean time, we've discovered a game we all love. Perfection! It's so great. It's one of those old games from the late 60's, I believe, you match the shapes and have to get them all in before the timer goes off. It is a lot of fun! Jon had fun playing it with the girls too. Finally, something that is stimulating to both of us and not pink, Winnie the pooh or overly complex for the gals. Love it!


    I can't believe what a difference a day makes. I know why I got the migraine...it's the wood logs we've been burning lately. The flue in our chimney doesn't work very well and we have to use special logs (you know, duraflame) but there is still some smoke that with my extra strong nostrils, can smell. Very annoying. So, I think I'll have Jon clean in-between the use of the fireplace and shut the flue. I feel a bit annoyed at my self because I love the smell of wood smoke but I get such a bad effect.

    Other things I'm working on, a short "essay" on art styles, a few news quilts, and am going to be planting some thorn less raspberries, among other things, that Jon's friend gave us. We should have some interesting things in the garden next year. : )

    I wonder if my friend in Ohio would let us come over for a weekend? I bet she would...hmm, possible trip to Ohio. I miss her quite a bit...

    Sleepy bee

    Sleepy bee, originally uploaded by emily999.

    Monday, October 09, 2006


    100_6323, originally uploaded by emily999.

    on the Lower trail

    I love how there is a siting board at Lower trail

    100_6435, originally uploaded by emily999.

    You've got to watch for those elephants...very rare.

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    A hundred years...

    rustbridge5a, originally uploaded by emily999.

    We crossed this bridge and the rivets and metal still strong after years as a train bridge, finally comes to be a bridge crossed by bikers, walkers, hikers and the occasional fisherman.

    Turn of leaves against blue sky

    Turn of leaves against blue sky, originally uploaded by emily999.

    Turn of leaves against blue sky

    Turn of leaves against blue sky, originally uploaded by emily999.

    On the trail

    On the trail, originally uploaded by emily999.

    Our walk on the Lower trail...near 4pm on a cloudy day.

    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    My little pony dreams...

    100_6285, originally uploaded by emily999.

    Lydia's inspiration...

    Littlest pet shop eyes...

    100_6286, originally uploaded by emily999.

    When you've got kids, you get interesting subjects...

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Had a few moments today to capture the view.

    Wednesday on Friday: Art pick

    I recently started, and quite frankly forgot I started, a Wednesday art pick. The basic idea was to showcase stuff I've seen via the net that inspired me. Well, I found an inspiration after about a month (or 3 weeks): "City of Cute Children" is a photo collaboration to photograph every country (193) through out the world all within New York. I just felt like this was really beautiful for several reasons. The most obvious, to me, is how we are all connected. The second is this reminds me so much of California and specifically, Southern California. One example is the elementary school I went to (Cheremoya) and Cal State LA. Basically, we had such a huge amount of people from all over the world at both places...from all economic classes and backgrounds. Quite unique really and one that has forever influenced me in many aspects of my life. At the time, I didn't realize how unique it was but now that I live in a small town and a pretty small world (yet, one that is changing), I see how wonderfully fascinating it was. So, I hope you'll check out the video link above and it will give you some perspective of how we are all really here together on a small bit of earth and how fragile we all really are.

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    In defense of ACEO's

    I just read an interesting perspective on the "conflict" between ACEO's (Art Cards Editions and Originals)and ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). I read this and was struck by the moral high ground as yet another artist bashes those trying to make a living from their OWN work. I just get so annoyed of people saying it's wrong and so uncool to make ACEO's to sell. Apparently, a few years ago an artist came up with the idea of trading cards (among fellow artists) with no monetary transaction. I think this is fine and really, really wonderful. I've done this myself, quite few times. It's a wonderful concept among fellow artists to create works and trade them. Another aspect of this was to get your work shown to other people in this small form (2.5 by 3.5 inches)...so in effect, this was your calling card, handmade for that purpose as well. Which, I assume, would generate peoples interest in buying your work...

    Really, creating shouldn't have so much of a "oh, shame on you for selling out" attitude. The article I read basically made fun of people who create ACEO's, saying the creators changed the name to get away with evil, basically. Yeah, it's so evil to MAKE something and sell it. That is ridiculous.

    Another aspect of this article that irked me was the author then made light that cards (baseball, etc) have always been there to be sold, etc and this doesn't validate ACEO's position. So, the size of 3.5 by 2.5 inches is apparently only a valid and morally good thing if it is traded and not bought. Apparently, the size 2.5 by 3.5 inches has a lot of power. Personally, I find it ridiculous to apply this sort of attitude to a size of artwork. If the ARTIST wants to sell something, then it's their right. When I think of all the struggling people out there trying to make a few bucks from something they made with their own hands, by God, I bless them. I do not shoot them down and say, you are a sell out. And what about mass produced cards and their place of origin such as China? Are these validated because they are baseball cards (have a history) and not ACEO’s?

    Another aspect about this author's POV is she is saying that art shouldn't be about money. Very idealistic and I'd agree with this if we didn't live in a society that was commercialized and based on monitory value. Nearly every aspect of the US (the only society I know as I live here) is based on some form of commerce. Whether it's the electricity bill we get monthly, the groceries we buy, the work we do, the transportation we use, the clothes we wear, etc,etc are all brought to us by either buying them or given to us by someone who bought it. So, yes, I say it's idealistic and unfair to judge people based on their desire to sell their creations (regardless of the size of art).

    My last grievance is, if someone wanted to create 2.5 by 3.5 inch art and found ACEO's first, would they be morally wrong too? And what if they did ATC's for years and thought, hell, I want to make some money too? Are you allowed to switch? Are you allowed to do both? I guess the attitude just reminds me too much of a fundamentalist attitude, even if they are kind.

    Also, nobody is stopping anybody from trading cards...

    Well, I'm glad I got that off my mind. Feeling a little indignant is all. And I will continue to trade and sell to my hearts content, thank you very much. :)

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    I don't mean to complain

    but there seems to be a huge amount of art contest happening out there. Everything from whipup to illustrationfriday to juried places and more. I can't even keep track let alone, keep up with it all. I guess I just have to do what I can and enjoy the ride. I guess that's a good take on life too...hmmm

    I'm tired. It's 11pm and I had a relatively busy day. Seemed to spin in a circle at times but got lots done and went to the park with the girls and my dad/mom (in-law). It was nice as I got to do some photo taking, spotting for mushrooms and I actually went down a slide. I still can't believe I did it but I did. It was really fun and I didn't get stuck. phew.

    Thank goodness it's a bit warm right now...I think this is helping lift my moods. I think I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I really seem to be up when it is sunny and down when it is not. I am going to battle this feeling as it's a major drain on me and others. When I feel like this, I am going to do some thing nice for me and others (something small) and I will read positive books (not sappy or anything) that are full of adventure, etc. I do need to acquire a list of reading material...also, plans must be made for after Christmas as something to look forward to. I may purchase one of those lamps to give off "good" light. Who knows...but I will be proactive about this.

    In other news, I'm working on two swaps, getting a gift ready for an email pal and starting to think about Christmas as well as Halloween. I have a few ideas and will need to start sketching asap.

    But tomorrow is a new day. I will have to do some cleaning, unfortunately. But it's something that must be done.

    I'm feeling better all in all. Collecting acorns will do that, I suppose. The week has just begun but it feels nearly over because Jon is taking Thursday off. Funny how a small day off makes a week go by so quickly.

    Prayer for Peace

    Prayer for Peace
    Lead me from Death to life, from Falsehood to Truth

    Lead me from Despair to hope, from fear to trust

    Lead me from Hate to Love, from war to peace

    Let Peace fill our heart, our world, our universe
    Peace Peace Peace

    Monday, October 02, 2006


    Been working on the house a bit. My goal is to paint my 1st gal's room as there is still water damage on the ceiling. We've decided on pink with one wall being cherry blossom red (as seen in the latest Domino mag). And the trim will be white as well, maybe eggshell white or some such thing. I hate all these names, in a way. I love the cute/pretty names but sometimes it irks me. I sometimes feel like I'm across between Mr. Blandings wife (Mr. Blandings builds his dream house...but we are certainly not building a dream house...just trying to repair one, bit by slow bit) and the contractor guy she is telling to paint the room from the color of a thread in a print (which is blue). The contractor just smiles, takes all she is saying in and says, paint the room blue. Sigh...

    When I was taking art classes in college we had a great color professor, Connie Utterback, who showed us colors and how to go from prime colors into mixing colors. I love that class and in fact, if I ever go back to school I will take classes devoted to color. Professor Utterback was relaxed, yet firm about structure in projects. I remember feeling this was the one class that ever seemed both practical and interesting all in one.

    Actually, I supplied a link to Utterback's work and found she is a fiber artist. Now, I know why she knew so much about colors...interesting.

    I just ran through a search of names of professors from the top of my head...first, I'm surprised as heck that I can remember names like this (usually I'm stumped) but I got some wonderful results for some of my favorite professors and was especially surprised to see their work. I feel so very honored to have had these people as mentors, even if it was for a short time. I have some very good memories and often hear their voices when I'm working on a piece. It was nice to get a glimpse of them through the internet...

    Sitting pretty

    Sitting pretty, originally uploaded by emily999.

    Made with communal pattern

    Made with communal pattern, originally uploaded by emily999.

    for a Month of Softies

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Gathering in the woods

    Gathering in the woods, originally uploaded by emily999.


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