Trick or Treat and all that jazz

Well, we had our trick or treat night. The girls were:

mushrooms! Yes, they were fly catcher mushrooms! With their bright pink jackets they turned into the rare Fly catcher/red bolete mushroom...highly poisonous but very sweet looking.

We started off rather rocky as I was a bit in a tizzy because I had all the house work to do and their costumes and earlier, the doctors appointment. But all in all, it was all right until 5:30 pm. That's when I got a call from Jon and he was in a car accident...apparently a city bus backed up into his car and scrunched it. After insurance was exchanged, Jon was able to drive the car back a little ways but then it pooped out and they had to hitch rides home (he carpools). So, that was annoying and worrying. Sigh...A rather depleted feeling for trick or treat as I was worried. Jon's folks/sis came over and took the gals out and I manned the fort. Jon arrived about 40 minutes later and I was glad to finally have him home. What a day. If it's not one thing, it's the other.

So, after stuffing my self with candy and baked pumpkin seeds all calmed down. It was cute to learn that even Mr. Nelson got a treat for Halloween when he went out with the gang. I was going to have him dressed up as a cowboy but with everything happening, I just didn't have the time. But there is next year and in between next year.

I must say, I did a pretty decent job of carving the pumpkin this time too and that made me feel a little better. Plus, I didn't get any pumpkin skin under my nails (very painful) either.

I had plans this year but they seemed to fizzle with all the stressfulness of life sometimes throws at you. I'm just grateful everything has calmed down and the kids had bags of our neighborhoods candy to nibble upon. It's funny. Our local mall had trick or treating but Jon was adamant about not going. He knows the reason for trick or treating...saying hi to neighbors and doing the community thing. I don't plan on going back to that mall if I ever have to. shudder...

Anyway, all in all a pretty good time. And our political signs didn't scare anyone off either. I have to mention something about that too. When I first put them up, about a month ago, within the first 3 days someone tore them out of the ground (and I put them in there rather deeply). I was so shocked and scared, I couldn't believe it. These are on our property, not on the sidewalk or curb. Someone actually went to the trouble of climbing up our hill and pulling them out to the sound of dogs barking (because our neighbors dogs barked and so did ours). It was more annoying as this happened during the last election with Kerry/Bush. It's rather upsetting to say the least. The first time, I just thought it was teens (I know, my prejudice). But since then, I'm starting to wonder. I was also badgered the other day by a radical type person who didn't approve of my bumper stickers. This has never happened since I moved here (and didn't before I moved). So, I was shocked about that too (happened about four days ago). Some people are just crazy or near being crazy.

Anyway, glad I got that out. I admit I've been editing myself lately...just feeling kind of surprised at people, I suppose. But as it is, now I feel better about typing this out. Sometimes, you just have to write or talk about your feelings.


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