busy like a bee

We had sunshine today and it was nice enough to go for a walk. So, we all did...boy, was that refreshing after being sick for a while and then having to stay in because of the weather. Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow! But not a lot, thankfully.

I was so buzzed by the sunshine, that I started really combing through the basement (there are dreaded spots in there...scary, dirty patches that I feel nervous about) and I muddled about until there was a bit of order. I need to throw out a few things but nothing too major. I admit, the basement is becoming more of a family room as well as studio. This is a very good thing as I like the idea of us having a place to hang out. I feel sore from moving junk around but it's a good soreness.

I found all these old fashioned juice jars down there...1950's style glass jars and I think I'll wash a few up and use them to store cotton balls and things like that. They have a vintage look and are cute. Plus, I needed something like that.

I think I'll mop the floor down there next and move a few more things about. Plus, I got an idea for the dining room and my old wooden storage bin I painted, years ago, with a wolf. I'll have to empty out some old journals of mine,but I think there is another spot I can put those safely.

Next, I'll have to clean out the guinea pig cage. I cleaned out Odie's cage (the cockatiel) and things feel a bit less dusty. We also dismantled the metal bookcase and put it in the girls room (they needed a bigger one) and I think this will be my next goal...new bookcases/storage unit type things. It sure does make a room look better when things are put away on shelves. :)

All in all a great Monday. I hope we get more sun/warm days as it really made me feel good. Plus, I got to talk to my mom for 3 hours!! It was fun running around the house and chatting with my mom (love talking with you!). Well, gotta get a few more things done and ready to be mailed out. :)

More artwork to come, too! Have a great week!


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