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Already Autumn

This year has gone by incredibly fast! I had thought I was nearly finished with all my classes and it turns out I let three slip by my attention. The good part is, I've got some major parts finished up, I feel healthier then I have in a long time (I had hernia surgery at the end of summer) and I feel things are getting planned out well, finally. So, all in all, good things.

And yet, there is still a lot of uncertainty with life. My children are doing well in school but fear of school safety makes it challenging. This week was very stressful with threats and lockdowns/metal detectors. A part of me feels like, how did we get here? Another part of me that knows history and has studied health side effects, is not surprised and am glad at the relatively small impacts this has made on people. Like many others out there, I wish we could make the world safe for all out loved ones and all the strangers out there. It feels like an up hill battle but I am hopeful. I feel the more awareness a…

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