Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Perler bead fun

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Contest Time!

I'm giving away a great book called Daily Zen Doodles by Meera Lee Patel! If you would like to be entered in the contest, like my page, Emily Dimov-Gottshall's Studio/EDGE Gallery  and leave a comment! The contest runs till November 30th! If you tweet or share on tumblr, let me know in the comments and you will have an extra chance per share. :)

Daily Zen Doodles by Meera Lee Patel is a fun book inspired by a daily inspiration quote and doodle. Inviting and sweet, this book really keeps the reader interested as you reflect on the quotes and give your self time to sit and fill in the simple zentangle drawings. You can complete them any way that you would like. " Quieting your mind is a practice; it requires patience, perseverance and most importantly, time." So true and what a great way to make time for your self for as you do a little daily mediation. If you would like to get a copy these are available at amazon and at Ulysses Press
Also, if you would like to win a free copy, leave a comment below and you can be entered in a contest to win your own copy. Contest ends November 30 2014. For more than one chance to win, like my EDGE Gallery page on Facebook and leave a comment for 2 chances.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Added new work and Halloween themed paintings on eBay!

Take a look at my new work on eBay! I've found a huge amount of previously unlisted art I did a few years back. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Art and things...

Okay, I confess I've watched a bit too many youtube and facebook videos. The last one was a woman "fishing" snakes out of the water. She got struck by one (or two) and I nearly fainted. Why did I watch that? Another time, I watched a home video of some kids showing what not to do at school (like a how to for school behavior,etc). Well, the shaking of the video made me feel so dizzy I had to lay down. I will not share this as I don't want to give anyone else vertigo. 

So, I'm going to limit my video watching (yeah, right) or at least try to watch things in moderation. I will say, I did see a great movie the other day. It was in Italian so I had to read subtitles...annoying when you want to do art and watch a movie. It's called,  Garobaldi's Lovers. So good!! Of course, being an artist, I loved that it was about an artist in part and there are such lovely eccentric characters treated with decency and humor. Love it! Plus, a ghost. Now, who could ask for more? :D 

Here's a little comic I did. I didn't use the flash on my camera....perhaps, I should have. I might do some more with a similar theme. It was fun and actually refreshing to finish a story line in a few panels. I did about 4 edits to get it about right. I see some things I can work on but for my first one, I'm happy with it. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014


We've found out some sad news about a family member being very ill. we're hoping it's not cancer and we'll find out more soon. Just everyone feels in shock. prayers and positive energy and thoughts are being sent to our family member.


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