Friday, September 30, 2016

Being Hypothyroid and treatment

I've been having treatment since March, now. Last month, I found out I was lower then I should be and they upped my perscription. The difference is night and day. Within a few days, I was feeling nearly my old self. I've still lost feeling in my fingers and feet but gosh, I feel more in my fingers...painful almost. It's incredible just to feel the pain on some odd level. Like I'm alive, I'm here. I hope this starts helping my feet. I would love to feel my feet being tickled again.

Energy is up. Even my colds aren't as bad. I have to be extremely strict with gluten. If not, I feel my throat swell. No cakes or cookie or most things I like for me. :( I had Chinese food and suffered from that. Depressing. Still, it forces me to make my own Chinese meals but darn it, sometimes you just want Chinese food take out. :( When will a restaurant have gluten free around here? Sigh.

No pasta, and I have been snacking less because I don't feel hungry. No change in appearance or size, yet. I hope there is something in that regard.

I'm proud of my self but I need to change my habits. I should be sleeping right now but am typing. Signing off in a few. But I had to update and say, I am so happy that my body isn't trapped in a sluggish world of numbness. I feel like I was in a strange fog compared to what I feel now. I know this isn't about my art but if our bodies are our artwork, I see how feelings and state of minds can be so important. Oddly, I had so many strategies to help me manage what I was going through, I feel like they make me happier as a person. I still need to learn to let go of some fears or awkwardness or rather make stepping stones and blocks to get to the point of feeling more comfortable.

One of the other things I'm amazed at is, I'm not as embarrassed and my voice feels stronger. I feel stronger.

One thing is if you are hypothyroid do not take your med before blood work. It will screw up your results. Also, if you suspect you are hypo, and get tested with a normal range. Get a second opinion as soon as possible. I wasted three years of my life thinking I was going insane because of my body crashing around me. So much stress, depression and anxiety for nothing. Trust your body and signs. I wish I had but am so, so glad it was finally caught. I am very grateful for my mom catching her's and encouraging me to get tested. <3 nbsp="" p="">
Have a good weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Autumn day at last

finally, fall seems to have expressed her self. Took a little while to warm up to but the moon seemed to say time to change, my dear, it's time. Autumn shook off summer and pulled on her gray cloudy hat. "So, there!" she said and stamped about the green leaves kicking them a lighter shade of pale yellow green. She had started the change and the sigh of seasons could just catch our breaths away because we knew, something was up. "It's all good," said the bears and deer in the woods. The birds blinked wonderingly. Was it time for them to begin the Southern move? They were ready as the air already held a certain chill they did not like. Their Northern cousins laughed at their sensitivity, happily plotting out which were the best trees for seeds and which would be the best people to fill their bird feeders. Older squirrels thought of days gone by, remembering they need to start stocking up for winter and keep the young ones on their toes.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

won second place in a local show called the Dark Arts Show!

Very surprised and glad to enter with other great local artists! I feel honored.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thought I'd share some of the art class art I've been teaching.

This one is based on Hamilton the musical

Based on a flower bouquet 

Princess Bride

Wizard of Oz

And another Hamilton piece. 

Harry Potter

this was for a painting class based on Harry Potter. I think it came out really cool! :)

my sweet and sours

still cute but with a mean streak, just the way they should be.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

reworking some older art pieces.

Thought I'd add some shelves to this "canvas" and then try some other things to add. Probably will repaint, at least the front. My middle kid tells me that hearts are outdated. geesh

teaching bad habits

but it's tasty, mom!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The few weeks before school starts and tips on a happy shopping trip for families

A feeling of unease has crept into my stomach as it dawns on me that school is on the horizon. It's not that I hate school, rather it's that feeling I got as a kid knowing that free time, my time would be over. I know my kids are feeling some of this as they are thinking about backpacks, supplies and clothing. We went clothes shopping today. We don't do this often because it is expensive and usually I get some basics as the summer goes on. However, having my feet out of commission from healing from blisters and now I sprained my ankle, we had to wait.

So, after being stressed out at the store, frustrated at kids who seem like the most annoying cats on leashes (if we leashed cats in a store) and wandering around like aimless shopping zombies, I came up with a list of things for shoppers with a family in tow or just with a spouse or friend. This list is #1 list for shopping. Feel free to share and to print. It will save you stress and anxiety.

1. Always eat before you leave to go shopping. You will need food. You will need food and drink for walking around aimlessly searching for basic stuffs. You need sustenance and hydration. If you are lucky you will be in a store that has food nearby. This is handy. Use it. If not, eat before you leave. If you have a child under 15, bring snacks in your bag. If you have someone 16 and up, bring snacks in your bag.  If you bring someone who is under you elbow, bring snacks and a stroller. Do not let the little one scream at high pitched volume and ignore. Give them snacks/drink place in stroller and then either leave or sit and rest with them. They are your alarm that you are hungry too. You just do not know it.

2. Write down all the sizes of crucial body parts to get proper clothing sizes. Do not let them talk you out of it. This is golden material. If possible, take the list and go shopping minus the bodies and have some free time for your self. Taking a teen shopping who is cranky, hungry, either glued to your back or wandering around in the clothing isles is not fun for you or anyone in the radius of 20 feet...30 feet. It is stressful and annoying.

3. You spouse, your team players, your pose will become some strange echo chamber that will have all their worst attributes on parade for you for no other reason then the lighting is different from you home. They will stagger about in strange steps, whine, complain, if possible cry. All because we are looking for shoes.

4. Don't bother guessing. Don't. Don't look at the prices (though, look and shake your head in dismay). get someone to measure your kids feet. Ignore their stinky feet from their crocs. Just get it done and get out. Look for the lowest price, if possible but get out fast.

5. Do not respond to any complaints. This should be the second in the list, probably. If you respond, your blood pressure will go up and you will feel defeated to get through this. Just turn off any responses you would have made and ignore. This is a good quality to master for most any occasion regarding a teenager. Look sad and try to empathize but move on.

6. It is all right to take breaks. Do not do a full nine yards of shopping. it is too much to ask. No one was made to conquer this in a day, let alone an hour or two, let alone with 2 teens and a kid and a husband who's gone into shopping shock.

7. After shopping, get food treats. Munch on the way home. Give people a good feeling for shopping and remember to feed before you leave the next time. It's life, a learning experience. It's okay.

8. Take a nap. Sleep will heal all. If possible, get teens to nap too...most likely, they won't but at least nap for your self. That is the balance part of life. Everyone needs a nap.

There you go. My list for shopping with a family. Don't take to heart what is said in shopping trips. Try to focus on good things. Positive feelings. Always feed before leaving and nap to heal. I hope most of you have gotten all of your supplies already. I still have to get notebooks but the shoes and stuff are done. woo hoo! And I got a good long nap too. :)


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