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when will I feel like creating art.

right now, it's a bit of a muddle with anxiety about health, income and family stresses working their way in. I did not think I would be revisiting homeschooling the kids at this point. It's bizarre and a bit unsettling. My patience is thin and frazzled. I hate feeling like this. Sometimes, it's better. Some days it's better. I don't feel as overwhelmed with having to worry about going places, I guess. I've more control in this regards because of my own health awareness. But, to have everything flipped upside down when you were starting to come in strong to 2020. I know many, many others feel the same and some are in much worse situations. The death and suffering feels so overwhelming. I can't watch any TV/listen to any news. I couldn't when there were so many other sorrowful things over the years and now, it's even worse. 
 This is why I can't really create, I think. I focus on making food, keeping the house as clean as it will be, homeschooling…

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