Day of the Dead exchange

Day of the Dead exchange, originally uploaded by emily999.

After much sweat and tears (well, no tears but close to them...having a 3 and 4 year old will do that to you), I got the Day of the Dead swap mailed out! I stayed up till 2 am last night, stuffing, stamping and sealing envelops. I felt a little like an elf in Santa's workshop...or rather Jack Skeleton's Nightmare Before Christmas shop...Let me just say, I love, love, love all the work.

I am also lucky as I got to do first pick on what I liked best. I must say it was fun getting 12 packages in the mail...hehehe (a secret feeling of wishing I'd get mail as a kid is fully satisfied). And I liked mailing them too...

I want to frame everyone's piece or put it together with my other pieces from other swaps. I will have to have a seperate post on the work...

Anyway, this pic is of my intrepretation of Day of the Dead. I hope people like them as well.

I'm also grateful that blogger is up again, the gals are tired of Sesame Street video games and I can write this (though I'm not spell checking...yikes) post.

I have lots of other things I want to write about but they will have to wait. This week I'm off tutoring but it seems like I have more stuff than usual to do...doctors appointments, Halloween (trick or treat....we do it early...I really don't know why, however), a dinner at Jon's work, I've got two illustrations to send to a potential client and I have to finish a illo for a great kid's on-line mag,

So, all in all a busy week. Plus, it started snowing today! I'm a little amazed and grateful that my mom-in-law got the gals their winter coats. It's cold out there! Now, I'll have to look for attachable non-slips for my shoes as I've been loving our walks on various trails and am not going to give them up because of the weather.

I have to write about our recent find of turkey tails and the wreaths I've been making using a few of them. Oh, and I have to finish the gals costumes...if it's not snowing we'll go out. Otherwise, we'll stay in and watch Nightmare before Christmas, eat popcorn and dance to Monster Mash.


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