Blogger is acting odd...

but I'll try posting anyway.

Feeling a bit better now that I've rested. I did some cleaning and shouting and got the kids to paint a bit. I cleared the back porch of potentially dangerous items which could fly around and hit someone if there is a strong wind. So, that's a relief. Next, I'll be attacking the basement and organizing, throwing out/recycling things from there.

All in all a good feeling, really. Plus, I want to start on some new quilts and photograph some of the sweet stuffies I made and list them on Etsy.

I'm feeling much better since this morning and yesterday. Being grumpy from illness/stress is not productive. Resting a bit, taking your medicine and reading a book helps quite a bit. Now, I have to clean out the rats cage and possibly the mud room. Life is feeling better. : )

Oh, there was a funny incident yesterday. I had Jon make dinner last night (helped him salt a chicken and add rosemary). He was totally responsible for a mushroom soup. I told him to brown onions and a few garlic cloves (diced) in a pot with some oil. Add chopped mushrooms, maybe a potato or two and some milk/flour. About an hour and half later, he comes and says dinner is ready. I said how's the soup (everything smelt really good) and he said he had it in a pan. I was kind of surprised and he said it was as stew. I said, oh...well, maybe you could put it in a pot and add water to make a soup. He went and did that and we came down to eat. I see the big pot is full of this grayish colored paste. I was surprised and then I tasted it. I had a VERY GARLIC taste and the vegetables weren't cooked all the way through. I looked on the counter and saw the left over papery curls of an entire bulb of garlic. I asked Jon how much garlic did he use and he said just two. I know he meant bulbs but I said, bulbs or cloves? He looked a little surprised and muttered a couple of cloves...1 bulb? I looked at him again...1.5 bulbs, he said. So, after adding a lot of water, chicken, broccoli and more water, I could reduce the overpowering amount of garlic. Poor guy, he looked so disappointed and tried to eat his soup like there was nothing wrong. I guess this is the way is it when one spouse does most of the cooking. lol...


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