I'm going to be venting here

so, excuse me.

As I mentioned sometime last week Jon's car got scrunched while he was waiting to pick up a carpool person. He was just sitting in the car with the other carpool people and next thing he knows a bus backs up into his car. Now, he's dependant on the kindness of strangers and family. Very annoying. He came home 45 minutes late, I'm sick, just want to lay down and either sleep or read.

I actually was going to vent more but Jon got home and I vented to him and feel better. So, this is a half a vent, I guess. I'm planning on getting a part-time job in the evenings at this art store (hopefully). I thought it might be a good way of getting some extra income and a % off art supplies. We shall see.

Some strange, though not to big city folk, news. We're going to be getting, not one, but two Starbucks in the area. A lot of people will be thinking, so what? Over priced coffee, big deal. However, we've never had a Starbucks in the area...and there is going to be a big new market as well. It's going to be a mega-Martins (the supermarket name). Hopefully, it will be as nice as Wegmans (but I doubt it). Still, it's a good thing for the area and I look forward to seeing it. A lot of stuff is changing and it's not all bad. It's about time and I'm glad to see new things coming in. Plus, most of these changes will be in the city of Altoona which means the city will be better off. I'm glad to see things going up, for once.

A little side note about a section of town that looked really crummy. Apparently, there was this bridge that was too low to allow trucks access. So, the city lowered the street by four inches under the bridge and it took all this time, etc. However, this part of town looked really run-down and now there are sidewalks, new road and it looks kind of good. Funny how a little thing like an up-to-date side walk makes a difference, but it does.

I have an art lesson tomorrow and I cancelled an appointment after that, as I feel tired just thinking about it. I have another appointment on Thursday and then a tutor lesson on Friday. Lots to do as well as my other things.

Honestly, I'm starting to appreciate that Halloween is over for this small town. I don't have to worry about everything but it does kind of stink because there is a bunch of Halloween related stuff on TV.

This is a little painting I did from a monster series I've started. The first was Envy. The second is Fear.


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