Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life in these small towns...

Well, as things go today is a much calmer day considering I was nervous about a check up for my littlest gal. She has this lump and I was worried it could be a cyst but as it turns out, it was a lymph node swelling. Thank the stars. So, I'm feeling much better. Oddly, I looked up info about lumps on necks and instead of making me panic, I felt a lot better with this info. Almost like I knew the worst and what actions to take, etc. I felt better knowing, instead of not knowing.

So, we found out Norrie has an ear infection as well as her eyes. Poor kiddo. She's on her antibiotics and seems to have perked up now that her eyes are all gooey. I'm relived too.

Yesterday was a different sort of just seemed like I was not going to have much time but to do the basics. Got my allergy shot, cleaned/mopped up Mr. Nelson poop, worried about Norrie, worked on Halloween costumes, dropped over at Target for some sweats (which are much too small but at least I can wear the pants around the house) and got ready for a 50th anniversary dinner at Jon's work. I have to say it was much nicer than his previous job (let's just say that was started with a prayer and tended to down play a lot of earnings to keep the underpaid backbone in place as usual).

Anyway, the dinner was nice (though I felt like going to sleep several times…I was so tired) and it was interesting to see all the faces of Jon's co-workers and people who came out for the 50th celebration. I just hope I wasn’t too much of a zombie… It wasn't too bad as such things go...I had visions of lecture halls and what nots, so this was a welcome surprise to have a few speeches and mostly eating. Hey, you can't go wrong with eating! :) Though I wish they would have served caffeinated coffee…

The reception was very nice in a beautiful setting and you could tell there was a lot of thought involved. Even the pianist seemed just right. Of course, I felt a bit awkward in the sense of being a guest...usually, I'm the one with the camera but all in all it was a very comfortable evening. And it was very well attended which makes it fun and a bit hard to move around but I guess that's actually a nice thing.

I would have liked to know who some of the guests where as there where quite a few authors but it was interesting to try and guess while nibbling on various h'orderves. We had to leave a bit earlier as it takes us an hour to get there, so that was a bit deflating but otherwise, I had a good time.

Now, I'm scurrying around trying to get the gals costumes ready. Maybe we'll only take Lydia out as it is cold and Norrie is a bit ill. We'll see what happens. Pics to follow of the kiddos in their costumes.

I mentioned about the bazaar on Saturday but I have to have most of the goods ready by 2 pm tomorrow. So, I'm trying to get things together. Hopefully, I'll have a few things sold by Saturday afternoon.

Otherwise, most stuff should be calming down by next week...there are a few doc appointments and then I have to schedule a hearing test for me in State College for sometime in November. And I have an art class on Tuesday. It never ends which is a good thing...

I must say it was very interesting to see behind the scenes of book publishing...even if it's at the dinner. It's a lot of work, actually and involves so many people. I was admiring various books and one was about Maurice Sendak (Jon mentioned he’d try to get me a copy) and other illustrators. So, that was cool…

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