A cheerful totoro-ish friend...

100_7068, originally uploaded by emily999.

I made this for the bazaar but this little one is still with me. I'll put him on my Etsy shop soon.

I'm kind of glad to still have him...I need all the cheering up as I have two ear infections. It's VERY painful and I finally got a doctor who addressed all the probs/right drugs/treatment. I woke up at 3 am in utter pain and I will always feel much more sympathy to a child who has this.

My problem is based in allergies and I'm looking into getting tubes in my ears. I hope this helps the ringing/pain and deafness. Wish me luck!

Otherwise, we got the rental car for Jon's accident (very cute, actually and of course I know I'll fall in love with it and wish we could get one...
I don't recall the name but has a classic 1940's look to it. PT Cruiser, Jon just told me. VERY cute!

I had to cancel the art class as well as I was in too much pain to do much of anything. I think my ear drum burst as well. I'm not having a good time, really.

Anyway, all in all I only had two out bursts (pain related) but have since apologized. If I swallow too hard or hiccup, my ears feel quite a bit of pain almost like being hit or having one's ears boxed (old term used to hit servants in the ears...awful). At least I know my ears aren't going to fall off. Also, the medicine is kicking in...phew! It's awful to feel this way as your whole ear is tender and sore.

Otherwise, I could feel myself return to a balance instead of wanting to roll up into a ball and cry. I hate being sick and I hope more people will be kinder to each other just incase someone is ill. You never know...


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