It's cold.

It's not supposed to be this cold, however. Snowflakes, freezing wind and a strange, though visually pretty, view of green and bare trees. Some trees have changed colors while others are still rather green and either in denial or just shocked at the odd weather. All I know is a thin little hooded sweatshirt is not going to be warm enough. I've pulled out my, down to my ankles, snow coat and have been wearing that. I don't care if people give me odd looks...yes, I am tall and look rather striking in all my puffy glory. I don't care, I'm warm while the rest of you Easterner's shiver in shorts. Well, I haven't seen anyone but the mail carrier wearing shorts and he was walking might fast, let me tell you!

In other news, I did a demo at the October Fest at the local art gallery. Pics will be coming forth with...but I didn't get any of me (which I really should have but was feeling rather self conscious). Anyway, it was a low turn out but I guess there was a football game in competition...people are bit bonkers about football around here. I guess I should be too but I'm not really into that, unfortunately.

This weekend is a rather cool even at the St Luke's
Episcopal church on 806 13th St Altoona, PA. Going to have a Bazaar and I have a small spot to fill!! This is my first time ever doing this, so I'm pretty excited. I have only 2 days to get things together but I have a lot of ideas. I'm going to have a basket of softies (I have about five that need finishing touches), my art cards, framed work and maybe a few of my little wreaths. I want to get on the mailing list for next year...this looks like a nice community thing to do too.

We've got some doctors appointments to go to tomorrow but I'm hoping things will be all right. More later...

Oh, and then there's trick or treat...costumes coming soon. Yikes. Got to get busy. Also, looks like the potential client didn't come through...oh, well...try, try and try again as the saying goes.

Otherwise, I've been working on paper quilts and other projects. Feeling good about this and trying to organize the basement, bit by bit.


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