was a bust. Weather seemed to have made it very hard for people to travel and I ended up not selling a thing. I did make a few contacts, handed out my cards and sat painting most of the time. So, not too bad just feel a bit down. I'm mostly down because I'm feeling sick...throat hurts and headache. Had Jon go out and get me something called Zicam and you know what? It works and really good too! I have to thank Karen for recommending me this. Also, Zicam is a homeopathic swab that seems to have some sort of numbing effect. It's very odd but feels very good on contact.

Anyway, there is supposed to be another bazaar in about two weeks...maybe I'll try it if I have enough holiday themed things up. But I may just focus on other things in the meantime. I have a few contact letters I need to get busy on...

I'll show some pics of the bazaar...I learned a lot about the Episcopal Church (where it was held) and got to meet a lot of the people who work with the city. Very nice atmosphere, actually.

Otherwise, I think I'll take a nap and rest. I have to say it was nice to just sit and paint though it was cold as heck in the hall. Everyone was complaining and I could see why. Oh, live and learn.


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