Road leaving Shaver's Creek...

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Had a really nice day yesterday. Lydia was feeling really ill the day before and we weren't sure we'd go anywhere but the next day was all right. We did a program at the environmental center at Shaver's creek and the girls were pretty good. They were getting a bit tired as we had to make at least four bathroom trips. On the last one, Lydia fell and slid down pine needles. It was rather scary but she seemed all right except for her hands. However, later that night she got an eye infection with swelling/puss, the works. It's better today. Poor kid. I guess it's called conjunctivitis.

We had a good time otherwise and went for a drive admiring the leaves...just everything is beautiful. We didn't get any snow and that was a good thing too. But it was cold.

Now, I'm home...haven't even left the house...just working on my projects...I think I came up a few good things, actually. Plus, I'm finishing up my Day of the Dead postcard swap and trying to finish my long list of people I want to make things for...I'm so lack sometimes.

One example is I've been watching the movie "It happened one night". It's taken me four days to see this. I've watched it in little bursts here and there. Finally, I got to see the whole thing and of course, it's so perfect and wonderful. Now I've got a crush on Clark Gable...What dimples!

Might have to pull out Gone with the Wind and watch that next...wish I had that on DVD as the girls hog the TV. Well, actually they're hogging the PC as they've discovered My little pony & Littlest pet shop sites with card matching games/coloring book stuff. They amaze me.

I'm listening to various music from Pandora...right now there is a medley by Jackson Browne "The Birds of St. Mark". Quite beautiful if not a bit depressing (my choice for music station was Rufus, go figure).

Anyway, the gals are at the grandparents indulging on Pokemon, we're painting and planning on going out for dinner. Or at least I think Jon's painting Lyd's room...most likely taking a nap. All this cold air seems to sap you of energy...

I hope everyone is well and having a good weekend...peace to all.


Anonymous said…
Boy, this looks so much like over here in Greensburg and Westmoreland County.
Emily said…
Cool! I guess we're nieghbors!

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