Good grief, I'm late!

Oh, this implies many, many things...but I will forth with refer to the white Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. I, again, forgot my Wednesday inspiration but at least it's still Thursday...Anyway, on to my pick.

This week I thought of Peggy McDowell's work. She does a variety of pieces from trapunto pieces to ACEO collages to prints. Her work appeals to me in the frankness and humor of how women and esp. mom's feel they have to be 110% perfect. I love the irony in her pieces and esp. like "Instant Mom".

How many times have I felt like this? You either are A. supposed to have all the innate knowledge of what a mother is supposed to be, B. Be a mom for everyone or C. Live up to ideals nobody has ever been able to live up to. Instant mom is a perfect example of the cookie cutter mentality towards women and what role they are supposed to play in life.

I also like the Moaning Mona based on Leonardo Di Vinci's "Mona Lisa". New evidence shows the Mona Lisa was a painting of a pregnant woman, hence her smile of things to come. McDowell shows us a Modern day Mona and how women are forced to play many different roles and are often smothered with domestic expectation. It takes on an even edgier look with the knowledge that the Great Mona is also pregnant and still trying to find time to balance a chaotic life and curl her hair. Love that humor! :)

So, I pick Peggy McDowell as the artist of the week. I hope you'll take a look at her on-line gallery!


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