Wednesday Inspiration (yes, it is Thursday...)

A little late but at least it's not 3 weeks from now! lol! I was meandering through my rather large list of favorites...I'm not kidding you when I say there must be about 200 on my favorite artists list, about another 250 on my fave blugs (I did a typo when I typed that in but kept it as my heading...kind of liked the sound of it)and probably even more on arts and crafts section. I am really impressed with a lot of work out there, as well as inspired and touched.

This week's inspiration was from Turtle Moon Studios. Some of the things I look for in work for my Wednesday pick are social consciousness (sense of the world in their work), progressive feel and just makes me feel "oh, how wonderful!". The folks at Turtle Moon really encompass this for me. Susan Shie creates magnificent, gorgeous quilts. These are free form and quite amazing.
One quilt she created based on a power outage that lasted four days and is filled with all sorts of insight and commentaries. Love this. Shie's work has beautiful, intricate detail and is fun and bright. I also love that most of her pricing is based on $4 per square inch. I may have to save up and get one of her pieces. :)

She had a workshop in June and this looks just like so much fun! It's in Wooster, Ohio! (Okay, I got a bit excited as that's not very far from me!!)

Anyway, I hope this inspires you as much as it has inspired me. I feel a need to try creating a blessing quilt based on my rats, cats, bird and dog. And another based on the kids and dh. It's so nice when you find something good in this life...


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