Feeling better. Had a bit of a migraine attack yesterday. I guess I'm still not over allergies and was crunching around in leaves and driving off to find the perfect sunset with the gals (found a few good ones too!). Still, by 8 pm I could barely even lift the Harry Potter book I'm working on and had Jon take charge of all house duties/kids. Thank the stars...And I slept for 11 hours! I can't believe it but I did. I was really feeling sick, though so it was a relief.

Had some kids over today for art lessons and all went relatively well until Lydia began to bite Norrie. So, that was a bit shocking to see. Why? Because Norrie wanted to help line up the green tomatoes we picked yesterday. Oh, sharing. It's one of the things we're working on. Plus, they had the grumps from eating a late breakfast.

In the mean time, we've discovered a game we all love. Perfection! It's so great. It's one of those old games from the late 60's, I believe, you match the shapes and have to get them all in before the timer goes off. It is a lot of fun! Jon had fun playing it with the girls too. Finally, something that is stimulating to both of us and not pink, Winnie the pooh or overly complex for the gals. Love it!


I can't believe what a difference a day makes. I know why I got the migraine...it's the wood logs we've been burning lately. The flue in our chimney doesn't work very well and we have to use special logs (you know, duraflame) but there is still some smoke that with my extra strong nostrils, can smell. Very annoying. So, I think I'll have Jon clean in-between the use of the fireplace and shut the flue. I feel a bit annoyed at my self because I love the smell of wood smoke but I get such a bad effect.

Other things I'm working on, a short "essay" on art styles, a few news quilts, and am going to be planting some thorn less raspberries, among other things, that Jon's friend gave us. We should have some interesting things in the garden next year. : )

I wonder if my friend in Ohio would let us come over for a weekend? I bet she would...hmm, possible trip to Ohio. I miss her quite a bit...


islandarts said…
I also get migraines from smoke (and other harsh smells) I use a drug called 'Amerge'. It's absolutely wonderful!
Love the new artwork!
Emily said…
Thanks, Islandarts! I'll look into the Amerge too. Migraines are a pain esp. from smoke...I'm getting better at it (getting weekly allergy shots)but it still bothers me.

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