Bazaar insights

The good part of working at a bazaar was knowing the profits were going to help a nice church in the area. These are rather beautiful buildings and have a certain look about them that is very Eastern. I may have to take a walk and do some pics of the area as well (once I feel up to it, that is and it's not a hurricane outside!).

Karen Special, Albert Michael's gallery owner.

I've got a sore throat and I just realized it's the time change...and I'm up at 6 am. Will this last? Doubtful. Plus, I pulled Jon out of bed on a Sunday...he's kindly washing dishes. He just snuck back to bed...don't blame him in the least.

I'm putting up some pics of the bazaar...wish I had at least sold one thing. But it's a learning experience. I've never done this before and now I know what to do and what not to do. I will use a cart (for some reason, lots of people don't, but I think this would be a good idea), decorations, maybe have some food, heater and some practical items to sell like scarves.

I also will have more signs saying all my things are handmade originals. I think that the few people who came out in this horrible weather where the bargin hunters, unfortunately. But you live and learn...Plus, next time I'm going to make my display look really good and have a lot of shiny things...apparently, this is hot too.


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