Dreary, rainy day...

It's a gray day but at least there is rain to make up for a hidden sun. I don't like it when there is a gray day with nothing...rain or snow. I'd prefer something than nothing. I guess it reminds me all too much of S. California when we had all these gray days that looked like it was going to rain and never did. Very annoying. But here in PA, we're definitely getting rain. Very refreshing.

Also, I'm now competing for the computer. The gals have discovered (I think I may have mentioned before) My little pony and such things. It's nice but then again...

We've been drawing pics of monsters lately...the gals, that is. And me been busy sewing, painting and whatnot. Lots of whatnot (house stuff, I suppose).

Hope everyone has a good day and even if it is rainy, snowy, sunny or gray enjoy one small part of it for your self and others.

And lastly, I give you a poem for the day:

Five Precepts On Happiness


Though your friends and family
will likely try
to save you from it,
yours is nobody else’s
business or responsibility.


You cannot cause,
manufacture or manipulate it.
It comes, if at all,
as gift to be received
with gratitude.


Hope to receive it
and prepare by giving away
what you least want to lose.
On this point
Jesus and Buddha dance.


Refuse to carry the burden
of maintaining it.
That’s unnecessary baggage,
will betroth you
to a boulder and a hill.


If you receive some,
scatter it like seed.
Sharing assures preservation.
As with manna,
held tight, it rots.

-- Bonnie Thurston


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