In between...

the need to write a bit of poetry I have been scrambling to get things together for my first bazaar tomorrow. I hope everything goes well and there are a few people and I sell a few things. I finished up 10 stuffies and am contemplating bringing in some of the soft sculpture birds I made...I don't really want to sell them, so I'll put them at a higher price. I don't know if I'll show these as they are kind of personal to me...don't know why.

Anyway, I also made some dog rope pulls, going through a few mini quilts that I'll bring (three plain and three decorated) and of course my ACEO paintings. I also may be doing a demo (most likely) and I'll bring my Sumi Ink as well. Hope it's not to wet either. Plus, I have to be there at 7 am, or there-abouts and set up. But the event starts at 8 am, so that's not too absurd.

Otherwise, I'm trying to finish up a small batch of cards and thinking of composing a small article on an art form. :) Oh, and I have a vague and uncertain feeling in my throat such as a cold would most likely be forming. Darn. I just hope I don't get conjunctivitis like the girls had or an ear infection like Norrie. Poor gals. But they've been properly spoiled and tended too, so they're fine.

I'm anxious about the Postcard swap as well. I wonder if more than one person has gotten their set. Maybe I should have insured all the pieces...well, it's up to the mail gods to see what happens.


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