I don't mean to complain

but there seems to be a huge amount of art contest happening out there. Everything from whipup to illustrationfriday to juried places and more. I can't even keep track let alone, keep up with it all. I guess I just have to do what I can and enjoy the ride. I guess that's a good take on life too...hmmm

I'm tired. It's 11pm and I had a relatively busy day. Seemed to spin in a circle at times but got lots done and went to the park with the girls and my dad/mom (in-law). It was nice as I got to do some photo taking, spotting for mushrooms and I actually went down a slide. I still can't believe I did it but I did. It was really fun and I didn't get stuck. phew.

Thank goodness it's a bit warm right now...I think this is helping lift my moods. I think I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I really seem to be up when it is sunny and down when it is not. I am going to battle this feeling as it's a major drain on me and others. When I feel like this, I am going to do some thing nice for me and others (something small) and I will read positive books (not sappy or anything) that are full of adventure, etc. I do need to acquire a list of reading material...also, plans must be made for after Christmas as something to look forward to. I may purchase one of those lamps to give off "good" light. Who knows...but I will be proactive about this.

In other news, I'm working on two swaps, getting a gift ready for an email pal and starting to think about Christmas as well as Halloween. I have a few ideas and will need to start sketching asap.

But tomorrow is a new day. I will have to do some cleaning, unfortunately. But it's something that must be done.

I'm feeling better all in all. Collecting acorns will do that, I suppose. The week has just begun but it feels nearly over because Jon is taking Thursday off. Funny how a small day off makes a week go by so quickly.


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