Thursday, August 31, 2006

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis, originally uploaded by emily999.

Canoe Creek

Canoe Creek, originally uploaded by emily999.


Canoe Creek

Canoe Creek, originally uploaded by emily999.

Morning jaunt...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is it cheating...

to use myspace and blogger? I hope not! ;)

I'll post the link to myspace once I get it all prettied up...right now, it's more of a pain than a blessing...some people have the nicest websites...mine, not so nice.

Oh, well...

In other news, I've been watching TV. I know, I know...but this is actually kind of a cute show. Called "Clean House" it's about cleaning out old stuff, giving it away/selling it and starting fresh. I love this mentality. Only wish they'd go beyond the Los Angeles scene and come to Altoona PA!!! Dreamin', I know...

Pumpkin folk ACEO...

Does anyone else have a freaking fly problem???? I feel like I'm surrounded. UGH!! Maybe I'll do some art as inspiration from the common house fly. Good night, everybody!

Wednesday POV: Darryl Worley

I'm not much of a country music fan...mainly, most country music I've heard is so much like rock or I should say, the words have no meaning like many rock songs out there, I get turned off by both.

As I said most of music that whines about lost love, drinking, clothes/shiny things, etc is extremely annoying. However, I just heard the video "Awful, Beautiful Life" by Darryl Worley an have since regained some of my respect for country music. Why? Because it talks a little about having a family member off in the Iraq/military and the fear of them not coming home. In this video, the brother comes home and it's
"happy ending". Still, I'm glad to see some mention of this...Instead of the blatant cheering and blindness by most artists. I wish more artists, regardless of music, writing, painting, etc would give more voice to the silence. I do feel there is a HUGE amount of things not talked about and this is what is keeping a lot of people misinformed, ignorant and blind.

I think I'm going to make Wednesdays my Post of the week for artists that aren't afraid to create art that is controversial in regards to mainstream media. I'm interpreting this in the context of politics and economics, primarily. So, if you have any artists in this context and want to share them here, please let me know at


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Peace walk!

I recieved a very cool happening from my on-line UU group's about a Peace walk held to create a Peace department in the United States. I love this and I love the message...maybe you can start one in your town or city!


Subject: Walk for Peace!!


We hope you'll join us for this event! Please forward this email to others. Attached is an additional flyer for posting and a pledge/donation form so you can collect pledges/donations (suggested but not required for participation) prior to the walk! See you the 16th!

Join us Saturday, September 16, 2006, 10:00 a.m. at the Heritage Plaza in downtown Altoona for a WALK FOR PEACE!

WHO: YOU, your friends, family, pets, and others ready to literally walk the talk of peace.
WHAT: A 3 mile route (on sidewalks) through Altoona.
WHY: To raise awareness and money to support the national grassroots campaign

to create a Department of Peace in the U.S. federal government.

Legislation is currently before the House (H.R. 3760) and Senate (S.1756) to create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace that would research, facilitate and articulate nonviolent solutions to domestic and international conflict. The Department of Peace would be led by a Secretary of Peace and include a Peace Academy on par with current military service academies. You can help bring this vision to reality. Participate today!

For more information, go to

Running down the street with my four and three year old

...I didn't think I would be there today. We ran, ran and ran and I yelled, yelled and yelled. Still, the white blurr of Mr. Nelson was streaking out of our sight, dodging cars left and right and "My God!" I didn't care if he got hurt! I was that angry. I know he had a near miss and I was like, by God that's it. He's gone. But no, he survived and the driver looked around angrily at me or past me and probably cursed the owner for letting their beloved pet run wild in the busy streets of Altoona.

But no, what I didn't let him go!! I swear!! My three year old opened the porch door and he ran, ran down the steps past the yard, down the alley onto the street corner and sniffed, sniffed, sniffed like he was free at last and it was all my fault for ever wanting to have a dog. I spanked Norrie and Lydia's bottoms in frustration..."NEVER OPEN THE DOOR WITHOUT MAMA!" I shouted. The neighbors probably thought I was mad. I was mad. I was furious and all because of chasing a little white puff of a dog.

People stopped their cars and wondered should we help this mama holding the hands of two little ones with a red face, standing in the rain, and looking like she was going to yell at them too? Thankfully, two guys that were doing some handiman repair came to my aid and chased my monster bichon and Nelson ran in circles like a derranged animal he is. All the while I stood there, no cars please. I cursed the dog and Lydia started to cry we need to get Nelson...and for her I kept on...finally, he stopped at our house in the alley. The kind handiman repair guy tried to get him and Nelson ran to me and I got him. I thanked him profusely and he walked away and Nelson and Lydia and Norrie and I walked to the garden and looked at the flowers and I caught my self in a few heart beats. We went and picked up his ball and had lunch.

I'm seriously going to give this dog to my dad-in-law if we don't get a small fence to protect the back steps at least. This was my lunch hour. I hope yours was a bit more relaxing...

Child with favorite

Child with favorite, originally uploaded by emily999.

Illustration Friday: Run

Word of the week: Run

Will I run a bath for you?

New artwork on eBay!

Have some new work up on ebay!

Monday, August 28, 2006


Walls & floors...maybe rearrange furniture. The dining room is looking very spacious and nice. I have to say it is bright and cheerful. I really do like it...feels freshened up and me.

Next project, will either be fixing up the bath or the ceiling in Lydia's room (still has stains from when we got the roof fixed!). Then I'll put her curtains back up and hunt around for some pretty lace ones, I think.

We're doing all these projects in our own labor. Not paying others to do's actually a good feeling to do this.

Eventually, we want to get a freshen look for the kitchen floor but I might paint something on the entry way now that I have polyurethane for the floor. Hmmm, going to have to think about this.

Can't wait to have the furniture back in here...and start working on the dining room table. Too bad I won't be able to get the chairs done. I really wish I had an air brush gun/air tank. This would make A LOT of work faster. Ah, well...

I would like to paint the backsteps and put an over hang...maybe that should be drippy back there. So much stuff to do, ugh. Bit by bit, inch by inch it's a cinch.

Kid wise, Norrie's been having some diarrhea...been going on for awhile and seems to be effected by what she eats (as in milk/tomato foods). I'm thinking food allergies but we'll have to get her tested for sure. Poor kid.

Me, I'm doing better; the arm is feeling better and my stitches are almost entirely healed. Of course, this is nothing compared to a lot of people's probs, so I haven't got much to complain about. Just sometimes we feel sorry for our little

Sunday, August 27, 2006

On the burner...

On the burner..., originally uploaded by emily999.


Dinner is ready...and I'm hungry. Have a good Sunday evening!


Kiwi, originally uploaded by emily999.

Thank goodness for Flickr...I'm at the parents computer (no files of my own here...until the floor paint dries).

Finished paintings!

Finished paintings!, originally uploaded by emily999.

Guinea pig and Whippet pup

Guinea pig and Whippet pup, originally uploaded by emily999.

Stuff I did before tearing up my dining room/studio...

Been busy...

It's one of those days where you're thinking "Okay, it'll just be a few more days of this and everything will ease back to normal". We're painting our dining room. Most people wouldn't think this was too stressful, or maybe they would. I think it's extremely stressful as all my art and stuff is everywhere and we are down to a row of walking space on a rainy day. Thankfully, we got out of the house between rain storms. The smell of paint was getting really bad too. Right now, I'm at the parents house using their PC/Internet. Thankfully, Jon has just informed me, the cute FTP is working and I can copy my info and possibly put up an auction or two after dinner. Yes! I'll feel a sense of normalcy to life, again.

The great news is the dining room floor is painted (might need another coat in the entrance area and then we're polyurethane it. More time to wait, but worth it.

Then I'll start on the dining room table (don't know if I'll get to the chairs) and putting stuff back...maybe arranged differently. We shall see...

Oh, and my dad doesn't have any microsoft word programs for spell checking. So, I did an on-line search and found which will check text spelling, thank goodness.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


James Grashow has an amazing monkey display at his studio, shown in the latest Oprah mag. Quite exciting, actually. Apparently, Grashow will see cardboard thrown out as garbage but to him, he'll hear the piece say make me into something more. I love this mentality!

A few less stitches...

Lydie striking an angry faced pose

Got my stitches out (!) and with a whole less pain then I thought...phew! I was so worked up about it I felt like crying or running away. But it turned out to be rather painless, thankfully.

I'm hoping for rain as the weather is quite odd...coolish and a feeling of something could come or not. Fickle weather. My wrists say rain but the sky is rather neutral.

Went for a half hour walk with the gang...walked up hills, down hills, past woods and gazed at people's gardens. It feels like the near end of Summer. Ack! Where has the time gone? Too bad you can't find it under the couch or tucked away in a pile of stuff...nope. Once it's gone, it's gone. So, Carpe Deim, everyone! Seize the day, go for a walk and gather some flowers, pick up sticks or just admire the lines of branches against the sky.

I'm lucky I live where I live. I can walk from my house and be in a near country setting or I can drive 20 minutes and be in a State park swallowed by gorgeous trees. When we lived in California, we lived in an apartment by a freeway. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, there was a huge brick wall covered in ivy/plants. But still, it was a freeway-dust & noise pollution, etc. To walk 20 minutes you'd be either on a busy street congested with traffic/life/people or else by the Catholic girls school that seems rather oppressive but beautiful with a few shade trees. Still, nothing like here.

I feel really good after walking...I know my knees are going to start aching but it was fun, actually. Nelson is so much more calmer too. Got to keep this up.

This is an excerpt of the drawing I did on the back of a wallpaper roll...inspired by the hillsides in this area, I did a freehand drawing for the girls to color in. I like it so much, I think I may do one just for me, coloring it in as I go, etc.

This is probably over 9 ft long, so it may look small but it's quite big...

Had quite a day with the girls...let's just say fights, hitting and me getting very tired in the midst of it all. Preschool seems to feel more and more right.


painting..., originally uploaded by emily999.


Painting, originally uploaded by emily999.

Wallpaper canvas

Wallpaper canvas, originally uploaded by emily999.

Do you have an old roll of wallpaper? Left over pieces? You can turn them into instant canvas's for your kids or yourself!

Here I've taken a roll of wall paper and drew a huge/long country scene in black permanent marker. The kids are now painting the scene in with finer paints/markers/crayons.

Freeform quilting...

I'm looking into more freeform quilting as it looks very attractive to me. Yes, another project to do...and I've got so many to finish (actually, I've been getting better as more and more is getting accomplished). I found a good DIY link about freeform quilting...will have to look for a few more. I saw this on flickr by Kateri and was immediately impressed by the technique, colors in the piece and the gorgeous turquoise blue thread!

Me thinks, a quilt is in the works...hmmm, a Halloween quilt perhaps? I think so... :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blueberries on the hill

100_5108, originally uploaded by emily999.

Les myrtilles sur la colline

Mr. Nelson

Mr. Nelson, originally uploaded by emily999.

Je vous aime, cher!

Ripe and unripe

Ripe and unripe, originally uploaded by emily999.


100_5107, originally uploaded by emily999.

My little helper...

Feeling a bit tired...

Must be still getting over the whole cyst removal. Monday we picked blueberries which was very nice...we went with some friends and the girls had a blast. Norrie got a little over worked and was grumpy (skipped breakfast) but later was fine. I still feel tired because everyone came over afterwards and I was cleaning like a maniac.

Still, I feel better than this weekend which was very painful. Glad the stress is starting to subside. Plus, God willing, I'll be painting my dining room floor this weekend. It looks really bad and I'll be glad to get a new coat of paint and possible some polyurethane too. Exciting! Friday is a potential play date and I'm getting my stitches out on Thursday.

I think I'll take a multi-vitamin and do a puzzle w/ the gals. Been working on paintings as well...phew! Small ones...I hope September is easier doctor wise as it's a pain in the a** to do all this stuff. I also want to start a walking program. Maybe get up at 5:30 or 6 am and walk for 30 minutes. This isn't really that bad as it just means walking for 15 minutes and then walking back in 15 minutes. Still, the getting up is hard. I was getting up really good before summer 5 or 6am...not doing much walking but getting chores and things done.

Anyway, the kids are a to come soon. Thankfully, the weather isn't too bad around here and it's supposed to rain.


Monday, August 21, 2006

We are the web

Check this mondo cool video out & sign that petition! This effects EVERYONE on the internet...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Kingdom

by Louisa May Alcott

A little kingdom I possess
where thoughts and feelings dwell,
And very hard I find the task
of governing it well;
For passion tempts and troubles me,
A wayward will misleads,
And selfishness its shadow casts
On all my words and deeds.

How can I learn to rule myself,
to be the child I should,
Honest and brave, nor ever tire
Of trying to be good?
How can I keep a sunny soul
To shine along life's way?
How can I tune my little heart
To sweetly sing all day?

Dear Father, help me with the love
that casteth out my fear;
Teach me to lean on thee, and feel
That thou art very near,
That no temptation is unseen
No childish grief too small,
Since thou, with patience infinite,
Doth soothe and comfort all.

I do not ask for any crown
But that which all may win
Nor seek to conquer any world
Except the one within.
Be thou my guide until I find,
Led by a tender hand,
Thy happy kingdom in myself
And dare to take command.

Mr. Nelson

Mr. Nelson, originally uploaded by emily999.

If you choose to do some crunchies around my house, be prepared for some nose time...

Another check off the list...

Got the blood work done with...still feeling a bit woozy but doing all right. Yes, I know I'm a big chicken when it comes to these things. And yes, I know I have very little patience for it all. But I didn't faint, so that's good.

Now, I'm prepping for the reading tomorrow...have to print a few things, have to a CD to sing with and so forth. I wonder if there is a site I could download songs for a $1...that would be nice.

Anyway, I'll probably procrastinate but it'll get done...actually, I'm procrastinating right now! :)

Next week should be all right...have to get stitches removed/physical therapy/allergy shot but otherwise, not that stressful. And then there is the lovely weekend.

Enough of all that...phew! It's an overcast Saturday, gray and sleepy. Supposed to rain, thankfully. So, I'm looking forward to that. Planning on submitting more work to a couple of galleries and see what happens. Making more art work and plan on selling some on the Tait Farm as well as Stone Soup in State College.

I have to check out the veterinarians office and see how the work looks like hung in the waiting room. Plus, I've got to bring some new things in to the local gallery. Lots to do but I'm doing it, which is all one can do.

House wise, need to prep for the September classes...only a few kids, but it's a start. Plus, I'm sewing bits of things here and quilts, etc.

Sweet video...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Meow, Meow, Meow

Cat video of delight!

Feeling the pain...

Well, the numbing wore off and Oh, baby, oh! The pain is quite surprising. I'll take that shot of numbing agents, please. If anyone knows me well, they know I hate shots but for this I would gladly be poked by a needle (ugh). Let's just say, it was a miserable night...I slept with an ice pack on the back of my head which is not easy, I tell you!

Well, it's Friday! Thankfully...but I'll be less stressed once all the reading and testing pass as well as my stitches healing a bit more. However, I did do some art stuff today. Polyurthaned some small art pieces, and put some fabric strips on this little end table (pics to come). Mostly puttered and moaned about my head aching.

Jon felt pitty for me and got me the new copy of Oprah...lots of positive inspiration...and very good business advice which I'm trying to glean from.

Finished "An Unquiet Mind"...very eye opening and confirms a lot of things. I actually feel like this helped solve a rather large puzzle in my life...

Art wise, I'm working on several new paintings...Halloween dreams and more! Trying to inspire my mom to do more dolls...she's been a bit down lately. But I hope she'll cheer up with the little package of fabric I'm sending her! Plus, we finally tracked down a long hunted for doll pattern!!!

My mom made this doll for me when I was about 10...the Raggedy Ann she made for Lydia...Norrie has one too.

Thank you for the comments~

Blogger is having some hiccups as I can't get the publish button to show current comments. But I just wanted to say, thank you!

Well, at least I load a pic or two!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


That's how I feel today...not in any crafty sort of sense but in a more literal way. I had a cyst removed on the back of my head. It's been there for 20 years (!). It was a long time coming and I finally had the bravery to get it taken off. I feel really good about this and a bit like Frankenstein! But not in a bad way...just the stitches.

I have to say, it was a bit of a messy ordeal but I got through it rather well. Jon came with me and I felt a lot better and not so scared. I figured now was the time to get it removed and not worry about it any more. I saw it and oddly, it looked like a small hearing aid. Very strange and plastic like. I'm glad it's over and what's more they didn't have to shave any hair and Jon was with me the whole time. Probably took about 15 minutes to take it out and here I was dreading this for 20 years. Amazing.

I know I'll feel pain once the numbing wears off but for now, I'm all right. They're going to test the cyst and hopefully, it will be fine. Now, I can feel "normal" going to a hair salon and not worry about my bump growing into something more.

I'm trying to take each day at a time as I seem to have so many doctors appointments lately. Mostly for physical therapy and blood work. But it's primarily preventative care.

I've got some new ideas for things I want to make and I'm feeling really good about this. But I need to finish some projects and get them out and about. Also, have to prep for the Sunday reading and get the music together for that. I feel good about it, actually. Esp. now that I've taken care of some over due business.

I made Mr. Nelson a sleeping pad's wool. So, he's avoiding it, of course. I'm also trying out new litter for my rats's corn cob litter. It smells rather good and I hope it works well since I bought two huge bags (it was cheap). My rats pulled up their newspaper shredding and made a nest on the upper level. Apparently, this is nesting behavior when they think they are pregnant. Believe me, they are not pregnant. Silly girls.

I feel a little's going to be Autumn already and Summer is starting to fade away. How quickly it went! Some leaves are already changing; shame on those early bloomers. I feel sad to think of how quickly time passes, racing along as it does. But in all that, it's a comfort to embrace all the here and now. There is still time to let your feet dangle in a stream and enjoy the wind in the trees. I hope everyone gets a moment to do this.

We may go for a weekend to some friends...I think that would be nice to do...get out and move around before the frosts visit us again.

Monday, August 14, 2006

What's that there?

What's that there?, originally uploaded by emily999.

I've started a Postcard swap at:

If you're interested email me at

Here is the deadline/info/etc on the Postcard swap:
Last day for Sign-up: September 30th

Last day for mailing packages to me: October 14th

Packages mailed by me: October 21st

Theme: Day of the Dead/DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS

How many: 4 postcards/ 1 envelop (decorated/ open area for addressee's mailing information at 1.5” x 3” )

Size: Postcards are 4"x 6" and envelop is 5.25 by 7.25 inches

What to send: two 39 cent stamps, 4 postcards & 1 envelop. Out of the US, $1.70 postage

Because some people like to work in fabric, I will be mailing the postcards in envelops…

Please email me at: for address exchange.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Watermelon..., originally uploaded by emily999.

Guess what I found in the garden?!? Just keep growing, just keep growing...

Starting to sweat bullets...

or at least felt like I was facing a riddle. Had probs blogging today...kept getting exceed space info but then found help on the blogger help forom (via yahoo) and found others had similiar probs. Thankfully, it was a matter of cleaning out the cache/browser. Yes!

Other news, I have a load of new eBay Halloween ACEO's up for grabs!

I started a whole new line of Pumpkin folks...pumpkin inspired people. This is my favorite.

I love the idea of a Pumpkin Fairy sending blessings to the garden (probably because I really, really want at least ONE pumpkin for the enormous vine growing in the compost). Pumpkin fairy work your magic!

Etsy shop link!

New etsy link

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Working on things...

Made a new batch of ACEO's...planning on doing more themed work as in Halloween & Holidays. I've got to get a few things ready for next weekend...a reading. Feeling a bit blah but all right. No real complaints...just a tad tired.

I'm in love with Chinese Lanterns, the plant. They are very pretty and my mom-in-law gave me a few bunches from her yard. They grow crazy around here, apparently. So pretty!

Jon has the girls out at the park. I probably should have gone but just felt like painting. I'd love to just take a nap and have the whole house be remodeled. lol...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns, originally uploaded by emily999.

A new quilt on Etsy! You can check it out at here.

This quilt is 11 by 11 inches and has an exaggerated trapunto feel. Inspired by the African American heritage, I created this quilt in honor of Summer!

O Spirit of the Summertime!
Bring back the roses to the dells;
The swallow from her distant clime,
The honey-bee from drowsy cells.

Bring back the friendship of the sun;
The gilded evenings, calm and late,
When merry children homeward run,
And peeping stars bid lovers wait.

Bring back the singing; and the scent
Of meadowlands at dewy prime;—
Oh, bring again my heart's content,
Thou Spirit of the Summertime!
- William Allingham

Want to understand the Lebanon/Israel thing?

Read Charlie Reese's latest post at; very insightful and honest.

Trying to find a balance when you live so close

to your neighbors, isn't easy to do at times. I'm trying to follow Thich Nhat Hanh's advice as well as Buddhist thought of not carrying the world/certain people on your back. However, it is not always easy to do when someone comes up to your husband and starts yelling at him. Why, do you ask, did this person yell at my husband? Because we had the gall to knock on their door and say we can smell "herbs" coming from their house onto our porch. Later, I had to approach the basement and tell them to turn down the music (it was blasting so loud even my yard sale people were complaining). He turned off the music and I guess must have gotten scared because when mommy came home, ran and told her.

It's just sickening, really. If an adult that is very patiently (haven't called the cops on them but will do so now) putting up with their heavy metal music, dogs barking every time we walk out into our yard to play or go to the car, I'd at least listen to what they had to say. Especially if it had to do with the kids using drugs. I'd be very scared and have my kids tested ASAP. I just am amazed the mom ranted at my husband instead of talking normally and why she'd believe a teenager so whole heartedly. It's very scary as this person has some political clout and which makes this even harder for us to say all the things we have seen and heard...we tried to be respectful of this but now she's threatening to call the police on me! Do you know why? Because last year, I went out in my yard and was playing with my (then 2 and 3 year old) daughters and could not stand the barking of there two German Shepard’s in our face. So, I took a hose and squirted them. This was LAST year. Have I done this again, since? No. Would I do it again? Yes, I would. What would you do if your neighbors dogs were barking at your children?

I know this mom has a bad cause of Mother Bear syndrome but that does not help her family. If she had any sense, she'd see this as a wake up call and get things cleaned up.

At the present, we have no option of moving. I'd love to do this but this isn't going to happen. So, the only option is for a third party to mediate for us. I also wish we had a high fence but financially, this isn't going to happen for awhile.

I do feel badly because I want things to be calm and relaxed but they aren't. I mostly think of my little kids...I want to homeschool them but if you have ugly actions coming from your neighbors, it takes away your sense of security and I can't live in a house all day.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I put one of my Mom's dolls up on Etsy! Thought I'd give it a try...I may try one of my art quilts too.

This doll is called "Rose". She is just darling and it's a good thing my mom made me one for my birthday or this one would not be on Etsy! : )

By my Mom

This Kitty doll, Beatrice , is on ebay right now!

Right now, I'm trying to organize myself a bit...sending off some over due certificates for some kids, contracts, etc. Plus, I have so much scrap strips of material I'm sending my mom a small box to start...I admit these are very pretty strips of material...In fact, I may start up a trade. Wonder if anyone is interested. This may have to wait for just a bit as I'm really trying to prep up for a few classes I'm teaching for September. Plus, I may be teaching a ceramics class in State College...we shall see. It would be one evening a week, so not a huge thing. I'm rather excited about this...just hope I can manage the kiln...I'm going to need to refresh my memory as it's been awhile. How exciting!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better as my mom is feeling a tad better, thank all that is Good! And even our pet rat, Daisy is looking better after having been given children's antihistamine and being cleaned once or twice a week with hydrogen peroxide. The trick is to put just a dab on each of the rats and they won't bother her. hehehe Plus, in my quest to find some entertainment for the rats, I found the cutest website on all things of rat goodness! I love this site and will be making a Rat club house. Is that not the cutest thing!

Tomorrow is PT (physical therapy) and then I can kind of relax for the weekend. Jon and his dad or going fishing on Saturday. I wish my mom was here...I guess sometimes I get a little jealous of people who have relatives that are close in distant and affection. Ah, well...

Of course, I'm listening to a CD rental (thank goodness for libraries)called "Sweet Potatoes" and the song is called "My last Goodnight" a lullaby...very touching, of course. They also have a humorous song about avocados.

I hope everyone is having a relatively good summer...if not a calming one. Now that I have my allergies at 50% controlled I can sit outside. I've been enjoying the crickets which I didn't even know where there all the three years I've been here! I sometimes feel like I was blind or partially blind and slowly, slowly I am seeing. Isn't that odd?

Dog Quilt!

New Quilt on eBay! Corgi inspired puff quilt! :)

Wind Power

Good things are happening. We're tapping into one of the oldest and most natural resources available, Wind Power. I was skeptical before this happened...not realizing how having power supplied by such a good, free source would benefit the state of Pennsylvania. I admit I was concerned about trees...I have a tendency to get very emotional about people cutting them down...always have felt this way. But when I think of the destruction caused by coal and gas, Wind Power is 1000% better!

I also realized if more people grew trees in their own yards instead of cutting all of them down, I'd feel better about it. I looked around our neighborhood and though we have a few big and beautiful trees, most have cut down theirs and either have ornamental trees or nothing. Why are people so opposed to trees? I've heard everything from fear that prowlers will sneak behind them, leaves falling everywhere, and trees being messy. I think that's so silly. When you think of the beauty as I drive or walk down a well shaded street and am protected from the sun and weather, it still amazes me there are people who think trees are easy replacements. It makes me sad too because I'll think of the wild life, like rabbits, squirrels, insects, birds who lose their homes because some people can't make peace with them.

I'm getting riled up as I'm still miffed at some new people that moved in and chopped every tree off their property...they cut down perfectly healthy Blue Spruces! Sickening. They don't even shed...just a few pin needles at the base. I always saw rabbits and animals hiding there, safe. Now, they are homeless. And I admit I was jealous of those trees. I dream of lining my side property with blue spruces of that size and giving shade to my neighbors as well as enhancing the landscape. I know I'll have to save up and plant a bunch of Blue Spruces...still makes me angry.

Anyway, now one can see why I was a bit opposed to Wind Mills...bascially, they'd cut trees down to create a spot for them on the top of ridges and to make roads to get there. However, on reflection I can only see benefits...and hopefully, coal either go away or be reduced to 10% of energy use.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Red rose

Tuxedo with heart

Tuxedo cat with heart

Sometimes I don't believe labels...

For example a bottle of glue will say extra strong and be really watery and hardly stick. Well, for once the label was right. Super Tacky Glue is really super tacky. So much so, I can't get the darn glue off my fingers. I've scrubbed my hands and there is still a feeling of glue in my pores. It definitely dries clear (thankfully) but is actually hurting! It looks like nothing is there but I feel these tiny tugs when I stretch my fingers (feels like skidding if you fell down). The good thing is it's really going to work well on a current project I'm trying to finish.

Speaking of projects, I've been experimenting with polyurethane. I was writing to an artist a few weeks ago and she uses resin on her paintings. I thought this was esp. fantastic as it A. looks really cool B. looks like fun C. is equal to 10 layers of polyurethane. But since I don't have any extra cash at the moment and I've got a small can of the poly stuff, I decided to give it a try. I used it on my computer desk and I put some on a oil pastel painting I did (4 by 4 inches). I'm not sure if I like the results on the oil pastel because I used a much too heavy brush and ended up smearing some of the oil pastel. But I'll probably touch that up and up another layer. When it dried, it was perfect. I LOVE IT! I also used oil pastel on a wood horse cut out I did and covered this with polyurethane too. It left drip marks on the other side (meant to be viewed from both, I'm going to put some sequins on the drip marks and cover that side too...again using a smaller softer brush.

I also have some concrete ideas for some artwork I want to do involving some protest pieces. Since I'll be home tomorrow (thank the stars no doctors week is a different story), I'll be able to do some work.

We went to the library today. Got some good books, An Unquiet mind (recommendation from a friend), children's books, and even found School House Rocks video! That was pretty cool. Jon enjoyed that with the girls while I did some art stuff.

Today felt a bit blah as I had physical therapy for my arm and missed out on some quality time alone while the gals were at the once a week for two hours "daycare". I like it as it's right next door. I didn't get to do very much except the arm thing. My arm still hurts, however and I think it might be something that needs to be x-rayed. ugh.

I wish there was a local yoga class to take. Now that is something I'd like to do again. It stinks that the local YWCA closed down...even though it was on the other side of town, it was a community place to have events, etc. Very unfortunate. I'd start some sort of class like that but now, of course, there's no place for it. Very stinky, if you ask me.

Jon and I had a bit of a quarrel...same stuff most couples w/kids say...I work more than you do. Give me some time to get things done, etc, etc. I feel badly because I know we're both tired. It just irks me big time when he says I plunk the kids down in front of the TV and do my work (like it's a video game or something). So, I told him to sleep on the couch. Then I said sleep in the basement...nah, the coal bin (it's really dusty/dirty in there). After that, he realized what he said and he did apologize and said he was grumpy; and I know am I.

I'm supposed to get some stuff ready to mail but I'm tired already. I also want to caulk the bath tub and get that started/finished. Why is there only one of me?

But I'll be glad when we have a finished tub...I'm just talking nonsense and when I get sleepy I mumble and everything feels 100 times harder.

I've also decided to ignore the news. I know what is supposed to be done (and looks like Connecticut has the idea! Yeah, Lamont!),VOTE!

Peace to all and good night!


I've been reading various books lately...rereading some like Lynda Barry's One hundred Demons. Always puts me in a melancholy, reflective mood.

I notice my gals are getting bigger and more interesting. It's odd but expected, I guess. When we talk now, we can have conversations about all sorts of things and they actually play better with each other. There are still fights but I notice them really growing and changing, thank the stars.

And I have been rereading Thich Nhat Hanh's "Touching Peace". Lots of good insights and ideas. I esp. like the meditating while walking. I tried that yesterday and could feel my self relax. Basically, you breath in for 3 steps and out for 3 steps. It's funny because I was holding the gals hands, one in each hand. I felt like they were guiding me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm tired.

I got up at 5:30 am because I was stressed about finances. Then after a half hour, I thought to my self, what's the point? What's the point in worrying? Things will work out. Finances are just fiances. It's not life or death. It's not the end of the world. For Goodness sakes, there are things like a massive oil spill in Lebanon, a war, and people in pain to worry about. So, I put that aside and I felt better.

Instead, I made Jon coffee. I know it's a small act but I do believe by doing small (or big) acts of kindness we lift our spirits and remove saddness.

I used to follow a lot of Alan Watts when I went to junior college. They had a pretty good tape selection at the City College and I'd borrow them. I don't remember a lot of what he said...mostly his calming voice, reactions from the audience and every now and then he'd touch on a subject that I would vaguely understand and felt to be true.

I started looking for some quotes of Watts and oddly found some extrememly meaningful and touching ones:

But at any rate, the point is that God is what nobody admits to being, and everybody really is.
Alan Watts

Another good one:
And the attitude of faith is the very opposite of clinging to belief, of holding on.

This one seems especially true for me...

If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything.
Alan Watts

Meditate for Peace. Pray for Peace.

White dove, flying in the wind,
Take my home under your wing!

German Language High School
Sofia, Bulgaria
United Nations Cyber School

Great post by Sister Joan Chittister

Life and what is the definition of life is eloquently written about in her latest entry. Brings up a lot of good questions and insights.

Dog Rope Chewie!

I've just started selling a new item called Dog Rope Chewie! Mr. Nelson seems to like it...

I'm selling them on ebay and they are made of vintage cotton in light brown and rose. If you've got a small dog, this is just the thing for your little pal!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Unusual Bear: Top Knot

Beads with his top knot, originally uploaded by emily999.

About four years ago when I lived in S. California I used to visit the junk shops a lot. I happened into one and there was this odd bear doll. 20 inches long and made of brown cotton with a fake fur loin cloth, black scarf and interesting beads, I couldn't put it down. It was fascinating. The eyes are cloth covered buttons and the nose is a sweet little round snout. He's in fairly good shape and appears to be stuffed with polyester and cotton as this is what the tag reads. Also, from some company called "Inland Whale Toy Co." Made in Mexico.

I find this bear odd, beautiful and very unique. I'm puzzled by it's origin and wonder if there are any brothers and sisters out there. If not, I'm all right with that. Still, I like looking at the button eyes and pondering the cultural aspects and his handsome form.

Anyway, I call him Top knot as he sports a little bun-like bunch on the top of his head. If anyone knows anything about this fellow, I'd love to learn more. Thank you!


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