Been busy...

It's one of those days where you're thinking "Okay, it'll just be a few more days of this and everything will ease back to normal". We're painting our dining room. Most people wouldn't think this was too stressful, or maybe they would. I think it's extremely stressful as all my art and stuff is everywhere and we are down to a row of walking space on a rainy day. Thankfully, we got out of the house between rain storms. The smell of paint was getting really bad too. Right now, I'm at the parents house using their PC/Internet. Thankfully, Jon has just informed me, the cute FTP is working and I can copy my info and possibly put up an auction or two after dinner. Yes! I'll feel a sense of normalcy to life, again.

The great news is the dining room floor is painted (might need another coat in the entrance area and then we're polyurethane it. More time to wait, but worth it.

Then I'll start on the dining room table (don't know if I'll get to the chairs) and putting stuff back...maybe arranged differently. We shall see...

Oh, and my dad doesn't have any microsoft word programs for spell checking. So, I did an on-line search and found which will check text spelling, thank goodness.


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