Trying to find a balance when you live so close

to your neighbors, isn't easy to do at times. I'm trying to follow Thich Nhat Hanh's advice as well as Buddhist thought of not carrying the world/certain people on your back. However, it is not always easy to do when someone comes up to your husband and starts yelling at him. Why, do you ask, did this person yell at my husband? Because we had the gall to knock on their door and say we can smell "herbs" coming from their house onto our porch. Later, I had to approach the basement and tell them to turn down the music (it was blasting so loud even my yard sale people were complaining). He turned off the music and I guess must have gotten scared because when mommy came home, ran and told her.

It's just sickening, really. If an adult that is very patiently (haven't called the cops on them but will do so now) putting up with their heavy metal music, dogs barking every time we walk out into our yard to play or go to the car, I'd at least listen to what they had to say. Especially if it had to do with the kids using drugs. I'd be very scared and have my kids tested ASAP. I just am amazed the mom ranted at my husband instead of talking normally and why she'd believe a teenager so whole heartedly. It's very scary as this person has some political clout and which makes this even harder for us to say all the things we have seen and heard...we tried to be respectful of this but now she's threatening to call the police on me! Do you know why? Because last year, I went out in my yard and was playing with my (then 2 and 3 year old) daughters and could not stand the barking of there two German Shepard’s in our face. So, I took a hose and squirted them. This was LAST year. Have I done this again, since? No. Would I do it again? Yes, I would. What would you do if your neighbors dogs were barking at your children?

I know this mom has a bad cause of Mother Bear syndrome but that does not help her family. If she had any sense, she'd see this as a wake up call and get things cleaned up.

At the present, we have no option of moving. I'd love to do this but this isn't going to happen. So, the only option is for a third party to mediate for us. I also wish we had a high fence but financially, this isn't going to happen for awhile.

I do feel badly because I want things to be calm and relaxed but they aren't. I mostly think of my little kids...I want to homeschool them but if you have ugly actions coming from your neighbors, it takes away your sense of security and I can't live in a house all day.


islandarts said…
Wow, we both have neighbor problems. I wouldn't worry twice about spraying the dogs with a hose- the police would laugh their heads off at her if she complained about that. Would she rather you use pepper spray? Or perhaps a passerby throw a rock at them out of frustration?? I own a yappy dog and I always take care to make sure she comes in as soon as she gets barky.
I would call the cops any and everytime I smelled 'herb' coming onto my property where my kids have to smell it. It's your right to breath clean air!!
I hope things go smoother for you!

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