I put one of my Mom's dolls up on Etsy! Thought I'd give it a try...I may try one of my art quilts too.

This doll is called "Rose". She is just darling and it's a good thing my mom made me one for my birthday or this one would not be on Etsy! : )

By my Mom

This Kitty doll, Beatrice , is on ebay right now!

Right now, I'm trying to organize myself a bit...sending off some over due certificates for some kids, contracts, etc. Plus, I have so much scrap strips of material I'm sending my mom a small box to start...I admit these are very pretty strips of material...In fact, I may start up a trade. Wonder if anyone is interested. This may have to wait for just a bit as I'm really trying to prep up for a few classes I'm teaching for September. Plus, I may be teaching a ceramics class in State College...we shall see. It would be one evening a week, so not a huge thing. I'm rather excited about this...just hope I can manage the kiln...I'm going to need to refresh my memory as it's been awhile. How exciting!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better as my mom is feeling a tad better, thank all that is Good! And even our pet rat, Daisy is looking better after having been given children's antihistamine and being cleaned once or twice a week with hydrogen peroxide. The trick is to put just a dab on each of the rats and they won't bother her. hehehe Plus, in my quest to find some entertainment for the rats, I found the cutest website on all things of rat goodness! I love this site and will be making a Rat club house. Is that not the cutest thing!

Tomorrow is PT (physical therapy) and then I can kind of relax for the weekend. Jon and his dad or going fishing on Saturday. I wish my mom was here...I guess sometimes I get a little jealous of people who have relatives that are close in distant and affection. Ah, well...

Of course, I'm listening to a CD rental (thank goodness for libraries)called "Sweet Potatoes" and the song is called "My last Goodnight" a lullaby...very touching, of course. They also have a humorous song about avocados.

I hope everyone is having a relatively good summer...if not a calming one. Now that I have my allergies at 50% controlled I can sit outside. I've been enjoying the crickets which I didn't even know where there all the three years I've been here! I sometimes feel like I was blind or partially blind and slowly, slowly I am seeing. Isn't that odd?


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