Walls & floors...maybe rearrange furniture. The dining room is looking very spacious and nice. I have to say it is bright and cheerful. I really do like it...feels freshened up and me.

Next project, will either be fixing up the bath or the ceiling in Lydia's room (still has stains from when we got the roof fixed!). Then I'll put her curtains back up and hunt around for some pretty lace ones, I think.

We're doing all these projects in our own labor. Not paying others to do's actually a good feeling to do this.

Eventually, we want to get a freshen look for the kitchen floor but I might paint something on the entry way now that I have polyurethane for the floor. Hmmm, going to have to think about this.

Can't wait to have the furniture back in here...and start working on the dining room table. Too bad I won't be able to get the chairs done. I really wish I had an air brush gun/air tank. This would make A LOT of work faster. Ah, well...

I would like to paint the backsteps and put an over hang...maybe that should be drippy back there. So much stuff to do, ugh. Bit by bit, inch by inch it's a cinch.

Kid wise, Norrie's been having some diarrhea...been going on for awhile and seems to be effected by what she eats (as in milk/tomato foods). I'm thinking food allergies but we'll have to get her tested for sure. Poor kid.

Me, I'm doing better; the arm is feeling better and my stitches are almost entirely healed. Of course, this is nothing compared to a lot of people's probs, so I haven't got much to complain about. Just sometimes we feel sorry for our little


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