Running down the street with my four and three year old

...I didn't think I would be there today. We ran, ran and ran and I yelled, yelled and yelled. Still, the white blurr of Mr. Nelson was streaking out of our sight, dodging cars left and right and "My God!" I didn't care if he got hurt! I was that angry. I know he had a near miss and I was like, by God that's it. He's gone. But no, he survived and the driver looked around angrily at me or past me and probably cursed the owner for letting their beloved pet run wild in the busy streets of Altoona.

But no, what I didn't let him go!! I swear!! My three year old opened the porch door and he ran, ran down the steps past the yard, down the alley onto the street corner and sniffed, sniffed, sniffed like he was free at last and it was all my fault for ever wanting to have a dog. I spanked Norrie and Lydia's bottoms in frustration..."NEVER OPEN THE DOOR WITHOUT MAMA!" I shouted. The neighbors probably thought I was mad. I was mad. I was furious and all because of chasing a little white puff of a dog.

People stopped their cars and wondered should we help this mama holding the hands of two little ones with a red face, standing in the rain, and looking like she was going to yell at them too? Thankfully, two guys that were doing some handiman repair came to my aid and chased my monster bichon and Nelson ran in circles like a derranged animal he is. All the while I stood there, no cars please. I cursed the dog and Lydia started to cry we need to get Nelson...and for her I kept on...finally, he stopped at our house in the alley. The kind handiman repair guy tried to get him and Nelson ran to me and I got him. I thanked him profusely and he walked away and Nelson and Lydia and Norrie and I walked to the garden and looked at the flowers and I caught my self in a few heart beats. We went and picked up his ball and had lunch.

I'm seriously going to give this dog to my dad-in-law if we don't get a small fence to protect the back steps at least. This was my lunch hour. I hope yours was a bit more relaxing...


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