Feeling a bit tired...

Must be still getting over the whole cyst removal. Monday we picked blueberries which was very nice...we went with some friends and the girls had a blast. Norrie got a little over worked and was grumpy (skipped breakfast) but later was fine. I still feel tired because everyone came over afterwards and I was cleaning like a maniac.

Still, I feel better than this weekend which was very painful. Glad the stress is starting to subside. Plus, God willing, I'll be painting my dining room floor this weekend. It looks really bad and I'll be glad to get a new coat of paint and possible some polyurethane too. Exciting! Friday is a potential play date and I'm getting my stitches out on Thursday.

I think I'll take a multi-vitamin and do a puzzle w/ the gals. Been working on paintings as well...phew! Small ones...I hope September is easier doctor wise as it's a pain in the a** to do all this stuff. I also want to start a walking program. Maybe get up at 5:30 or 6 am and walk for 30 minutes. This isn't really that bad as it just means walking for 15 minutes and then walking back in 15 minutes. Still, the getting up is hard. I was getting up really good before summer 5 or 6am...not doing much walking but getting chores and things done.

Anyway, the kids are a calling...pics to come soon. Thankfully, the weather isn't too bad around here and it's supposed to rain.



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