Wednesday POV: Darryl Worley

I'm not much of a country music fan...mainly, most country music I've heard is so much like rock or I should say, the words have no meaning like many rock songs out there, I get turned off by both.

As I said most of music that whines about lost love, drinking, clothes/shiny things, etc is extremely annoying. However, I just heard the video "Awful, Beautiful Life" by Darryl Worley an have since regained some of my respect for country music. Why? Because it talks a little about having a family member off in the Iraq/military and the fear of them not coming home. In this video, the brother comes home and it's
"happy ending". Still, I'm glad to see some mention of this...Instead of the blatant cheering and blindness by most artists. I wish more artists, regardless of music, writing, painting, etc would give more voice to the silence. I do feel there is a HUGE amount of things not talked about and this is what is keeping a lot of people misinformed, ignorant and blind.

I think I'm going to make Wednesdays my Post of the week for artists that aren't afraid to create art that is controversial in regards to mainstream media. I'm interpreting this in the context of politics and economics, primarily. So, if you have any artists in this context and want to share them here, please let me know at



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