Another check off the list...

Got the blood work done with...still feeling a bit woozy but doing all right. Yes, I know I'm a big chicken when it comes to these things. And yes, I know I have very little patience for it all. But I didn't faint, so that's good.

Now, I'm prepping for the reading tomorrow...have to print a few things, have to a CD to sing with and so forth. I wonder if there is a site I could download songs for a $1...that would be nice.

Anyway, I'll probably procrastinate but it'll get done...actually, I'm procrastinating right now! :)

Next week should be all right...have to get stitches removed/physical therapy/allergy shot but otherwise, not that stressful. And then there is the lovely weekend.

Enough of all that...phew! It's an overcast Saturday, gray and sleepy. Supposed to rain, thankfully. So, I'm looking forward to that. Planning on submitting more work to a couple of galleries and see what happens. Making more art work and plan on selling some on the Tait Farm as well as Stone Soup in State College.

I have to check out the veterinarians office and see how the work looks like hung in the waiting room. Plus, I've got to bring some new things in to the local gallery. Lots to do but I'm doing it, which is all one can do.

House wise, need to prep for the September classes...only a few kids, but it's a start. Plus, I'm sewing bits of things here and quilts, etc.

Sweet video...


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