Wind Power

Good things are happening. We're tapping into one of the oldest and most natural resources available, Wind Power. I was skeptical before this happened...not realizing how having power supplied by such a good, free source would benefit the state of Pennsylvania. I admit I was concerned about trees...I have a tendency to get very emotional about people cutting them down...always have felt this way. But when I think of the destruction caused by coal and gas, Wind Power is 1000% better!

I also realized if more people grew trees in their own yards instead of cutting all of them down, I'd feel better about it. I looked around our neighborhood and though we have a few big and beautiful trees, most have cut down theirs and either have ornamental trees or nothing. Why are people so opposed to trees? I've heard everything from fear that prowlers will sneak behind them, leaves falling everywhere, and trees being messy. I think that's so silly. When you think of the beauty as I drive or walk down a well shaded street and am protected from the sun and weather, it still amazes me there are people who think trees are easy replacements. It makes me sad too because I'll think of the wild life, like rabbits, squirrels, insects, birds who lose their homes because some people can't make peace with them.

I'm getting riled up as I'm still miffed at some new people that moved in and chopped every tree off their property...they cut down perfectly healthy Blue Spruces! Sickening. They don't even shed...just a few pin needles at the base. I always saw rabbits and animals hiding there, safe. Now, they are homeless. And I admit I was jealous of those trees. I dream of lining my side property with blue spruces of that size and giving shade to my neighbors as well as enhancing the landscape. I know I'll have to save up and plant a bunch of Blue Spruces...still makes me angry.

Anyway, now one can see why I was a bit opposed to Wind Mills...bascially, they'd cut trees down to create a spot for them on the top of ridges and to make roads to get there. However, on reflection I can only see benefits...and hopefully, coal either go away or be reduced to 10% of energy use.


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