A few less stitches...

Lydie striking an angry faced pose

Got my stitches out (!) and with a whole less pain then I thought...phew! I was so worked up about it I felt like crying or running away. But it turned out to be rather painless, thankfully.

I'm hoping for rain as the weather is quite odd...coolish and a feeling of something could come or not. Fickle weather. My wrists say rain but the sky is rather neutral.

Went for a half hour walk with the gang...walked up hills, down hills, past woods and gazed at people's gardens. It feels like the near end of Summer. Ack! Where has the time gone? Too bad you can't find it under the couch or tucked away in a pile of stuff...nope. Once it's gone, it's gone. So, Carpe Deim, everyone! Seize the day, go for a walk and gather some flowers, pick up sticks or just admire the lines of branches against the sky.

I'm lucky I live where I live. I can walk from my house and be in a near country setting or I can drive 20 minutes and be in a State park swallowed by gorgeous trees. When we lived in California, we lived in an apartment by a freeway. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, there was a huge brick wall covered in ivy/plants. But still, it was a freeway-dust & noise pollution, etc. To walk 20 minutes you'd be either on a busy street congested with traffic/life/people or else by the Catholic girls school that seems rather oppressive but beautiful with a few shade trees. Still, nothing like here.

I feel really good after walking...I know my knees are going to start aching but it was fun, actually. Nelson is so much more calmer too. Got to keep this up.

This is an excerpt of the drawing I did on the back of a wallpaper roll...inspired by the hillsides in this area, I did a freehand drawing for the girls to color in. I like it so much, I think I may do one just for me, coloring it in as I go, etc.

This is probably over 9 ft long, so it may look small but it's quite big...

Had quite a day with the girls...let's just say fights, hitting and me getting very tired in the midst of it all. Preschool seems to feel more and more right.


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